Mordles: Seas of Uzalek and Geist Editions by Toyfinity

I’m a little pressed for time today, so I wanted to feature something very cool and simple and my two new batches of Mordles fit that bill just perfectly. If you’re a regular reader here you may remember Mordles, as I’ve covered previous editions of them HERE and HERE. For those of you who are just joining us, these little plastic critters hail from a fun but largely forgotten 80’s toyline called Rocks & Bugs & Things. The fine folks over at Toyfinity obtained the license and have brought these nasty little beasties back to life. In the original line, these creatures were nothing but nibbles for the larger toy creatures of R&B&T but I like to think that these new Mordles have evolved past that and have gone on the offensive. After years of oppression, they are finally having their day! As a kid, I used to peddle my bike down to the corner Woolworth’s with allowance burning a hole in my pocket and these are exactly the kind of simple but collectible toys that I would have blown that money on. Toyfinity has been releasing various different colored waves of Mordles and I’ve slowly been working on getting my hands on as many as I can. Let’s take a look at these new styles!


The “Seas of Uzalek” Mordles are grey with black accents and this may be my favorite colored set so far. I like them because they look like stones and they could probably camouflage themselves among rocks pretty easily in order to leap out at their prey. The plastic is a really deep and satisfying shade of battleship grey and it looks outstanding with the glossy paint apps. It’s a sinister deco that really takes these little guys in a new direction. The ten Mordles in this pack are the same wonderful designs that Toyfinity has been turning out since the beginning. Why mess with perfection. I seriously think that at this point any new Mordle design that got dumped into these packs would get immediately devoured by the others. Each one is these fellas is brimming with personality and when assembled together they make up quite the Menagerie.


And yes, my favorite is still this guy…


He’s the Grumpy Cat of the Mordles Universe and I love him.

Of course, if there’s one thing the toys of the 80’s taught us all it’s the simple truism: “Glow-In-The-Dark plastic makes everything better.” It didn’t matter whether it was an action figure, an accessory or a Wacky Wall Walker. Any toy that glowed was way cooler than any one that didn’t. That’s the philosophy embraced by this next set of Mordles, “The Geist!”



Cast in the true miracle of science that is GITD plastic and kissed with electric neon green paint apps, this new breed of Mordle horrors now peer at me through the blackness of the room while I’m trying to sleep. Through the din of the room I can make out the sickly green glow. Again, they’re the same molds as previous packs, but somehow these appear less angry and more sardonic and disaproving. Despite the fact that I placed them on the stand near my TV, they have somehow reassembled themselves on the shelf across the room and now conspire with the kindred spirit of Scareglow and plot my destruction.



They huddle about the feet of Scareglow like he is their surrogate father. It would be interesting to see another pack of GITD Mordles with purple paint apps, as they would match Scareglow perfectly.


And I’m still not done! I must have pleased the Mordle Gods because included in my shipment were these two strays: One cast in clear plastic with green apps (only on the eyes) and one in translucent blue with green apps. I have dubbed the former one “Hologram Mordle” and the latter one “Force Ghost Mordle.” If GITD plastic is science’s principal gift to the world of toys, than certainly translucent plastic would be the penultimate gift. Either way, this pair is awesome!



If you fancy a set of Mordles head on over to Toyfinity and grab some, goddammit. These little guys are only $10 a pack and for a bit more you can get a Manglor egg to keep them in. And man, these things look great when displayed in multiple packs. I’m already eyeing my next two sets and I’m rather tempted to try my luck with a random pack as well. I’ve yet to bag me one of the elusive Giant Mordles, but I hope to remedy that in the future. Truth is they’ve been selling out too fast for me to get in on them! These little guys always put a smile on my face and the best thing about them is that they can comfortably infest almost any of my toy displays from Doctor Who to Star Trek to Masters of the Universe to AD&D. The Mordles are content to make themselves right at home wherever they damn well please.

4 comments on “Mordles: Seas of Uzalek and Geist Editions by Toyfinity

  1. Those are some cool minions for Scareglow. We have his GiD ring on my older boys bedpost and it creeps me out every night. I’ll see if he’s up for getting some of these minions for our MotU Scareglow. Some of my favorite GiD toys include: a couple of GiD Tech Deck skateboards (Toy Machine, Alien Workshop), GiD Palisades Muppet Uncle Deadly, glow eyes on DCUC Deadman, and DCUC Spectre. I gotta love a company that knows how to work its mold injections and paint apps to artistic effect.

    • Holy shit… GID Uncle Deadly.. you just blew my mind! I so wish I had collected Palisades Muppets when it was out. It’s probably my biggest regret of my plastic collecting career. Maybe if more assholes like me had supported the line it would have carried on.

  2. Palisades Muppets was the plastic crack that got me started in this “hobby”. I was so whacked out on Palisades Muppets that I had two of all the action figures: one set of figures with the play sets which I set up in 2 DeTolfs in our basement rec room when my boys were babies which was my first toy display (which my wife hates but all her friends love) and a 2nd set for them to play with when they were older which sits in a bin still untouched. Uncle Deadly was the rare 3rd dip which I had MoC for hanging up on the wall. Having just finished Breaking Bad I guess you could say that Palisades Muppets was my “blue stuff”. I even road tripped to Ellicott City Maryland in search of Palisades HQ but they had gone out of business. The consolation is a pretty cool vintage toy store in that old railroad town on the B&O trail from Baltimore to all points West!

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