S.H. Figuarts: One Piece Nami by Bandai Tamashii Nations

Holy hell, it’s my first foray into the wonderful world of S.H. Figuarts. This momentous event was supposed to start with a different figure, but since that one will be the first in a series, I thought I’d get Nami out of the way beforehand. I don’t have any immediate plans to pick up any more One Piece Figuarts, so she is most likely going to be a stand-alone acquisition. Anyway, some of you may remember a few weeks back that I picked up the Portraits of Pirates Nami Ex Model Statue by MegaHouse. Only it wasn’t by MegaHouse. It was by MegaBootlegs!!! I promptly sent it back and got my money refunded, which in itself is a joke. They’re like, “Oh, you caught us selling illegal bootlegs. Bad on us. Have your money back and we’ll never speak of this again.” Screw that… I want Interpol raining down on your asses!!! It would be one thing if it was a couple of crooks, but it was Amazon. I decided to roll some of that money over and try my luck on this version of Nami. Let’s take a look at the spunky navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates…



There’s the box and… HOLY SHIT, IT’S ANOTHER BOOTLEG! Nah, just kidding. This one is legit. The box, however, was a little rougher than I had hoped. To say it’s rather shopworn would be an understatement. Normally it wouldn’t bother me, but I tend to keep packaging for figures like these to hold all the extras bits, and it’ll still serve that purpose just fine. The box features a simple map motif with a big window on the front to show off the figure. The back has some photos of the figure in action along with a bunch of copy in Japanese, which I can’t read. Nami comes nestled in a clear plastic tray surrounded by a crapload of extras.





And there’s Nami looking as cute as ever. They did a wonderful job capturing all the nuances of the character. She comes clad in a top, which amounts to little more than a short vest to cover her boobs, and a really short skirt pleaded skirt. My favorite look for Nami is her jeans and bikini top, but this one works fine too. It’s cool that the bangles on her left wrist are both separate pieces… until you swap that hand and they go flying of onto the floor. It took me like ten minutes to find them again. I’d say the only odd thing about the sculpt is her enormous feet, which I suppose she needs because can be a tough figure to keep standing. And after going back and checking it does tend to agree with much of the artwork. Overall the paint is pretty good, although there’s a little bit of slop on her sandals and some slight inconsistencies in her skin tone, mostly on the backs of her legs.



Of course, articulation is what Figuarts are all about and I dare say I had quite a lot of fun messing around with her poseability. In fact, I kept her sitting on my computer for about a week so that I could pick up and play with her on my downtime and in doing so she’s become quite a fun distraction. The skirt does inhibit some of her hip articulation, but overall what’s here is certainly good. Of course, there’s a tradeoff between the articulation and rather unsightly jointing. It doesn’t necessarily lend itself all that well to a figure with bare arms and legs, but I can live with it.





Nami comes with a bunch of stuff, and most of it amounts to extra hands and faces. Yup, you get a total of five interchangeable faces. In addition to the normal one that comes on the figure, there’s also one with a bit more of a sly look with a smirk and her eyes looking off to the side. The other three faces consist of her crazed angry expression, the classic “greedy dollar signs in the eyes” expression, and a super happy expression with her eyes closed and a huge smile. The faces are swapped out by removing the front of her hair and then just pulling off the face and tabbing in the replacement. It’s easy to do, but it can be rather unsettling. Actually, now that I think about it anytime anime style emotive faces are translated to 3D it creeps me the hell out. The extra faces are fun to play around with, but I’ll likely stick to one of the two more conventional expressions for everyday display. As for the hands… well, they went overboard on the hands. Do I really need this many hands? You get a pair of fists, a pair of open hands, a pair of open hands slightly splayed out, a pair of weapon holding hands, and a thumbs up hand. Changing the hands out is a bit precarious because those posts sure are tiny.





Last, but not least, you get two complete versions of Nami’s Clima Tact: Assembled and separated into three parts. One of the three parts has an attachment to peg it to the back of her skirt, which requires removing the plug that’s normally there. You also get an effect part for the tip of the assembled one.





Nami’s definitely an unbelievably fun little figure, and considering that I picked her up for about $25 shipped, I have no complaints. Well, actually I do have one. She didn’t come with a stand. The stand that I used when shooting her is from another S.H. Figuarts release. Even for normal poses, Nami can be tough to keep standing on her feet, but when you really take advantage of her crazy articulation, you pretty much need a stand if you’re going to display her in action. Now, with all that having been said, I’m not sure that getting this figure has fully satisfied my desire to own a proper statue of the character. And so the hunt continues.

Next week we’ll revisit the S.H. Figuarts line for a little… MOON TIARA ACTION!!!

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