Transformers Generations: Legends Class Skrapnel by Hasbro

It’s Transformers Thursday again, and I’m still pressing on with my look at the Generations Legends Class figures. Today’s feature has a place near and dear to my heart because it’s Skrapnel. Who? Just consider him copyright-challenged Shrapnel. Yes, that’s Shrapnel as in the leader of the Insecticons. Man, do I love the G1 Insecticons and the fact that Hasbro brought them back in this size assortment is really one of the main reasons I decided to start collecting the Generations Legends in the first place. The only way this release could be any better is if Hasbro did something crazy like… oh, I dunno, maybe bundle a totally random tiny homage to Reflector in there too. Oh wait… THEY DID!!!


The figure comes on the now familiar and extremely cool G1-inspired cardback, complete with that retro grid pattern and some great character art. Damn, that’s some purdy presentation! The only way Hasbro could have possibly improved these cards is if they made the Decepticon grid deco purple like back in the old days. Skrapnel is packaged in his robot mode and so is his buddy Reflector. That’s a first, because all the other Targetmasters were carded in their alt modes. I’m guessing Hasbro didn’t think a camera would be that exciting. Fools! Learn to cater to your fanbase, Hasbro! Who cares if kids don’t like it… they don’t got no monies and they can only beg so much from their parents. I’m an adult with a great paying job. Give me a Deluxe Class Reflector and I’ll buy it!  Alright, enough of that… let’s start with Skrapnel’s bug mode…



Just like the original G1 character, this Skrapnel’s alt mode is a cyber-stag-beetle. I don’t usually start out by talking about the deco, but a huge part of the appeal of the original Insecticons has always been their awesome colors. The black, purple and yellow looks so striking and Hasbro recreated it here for this homage quite beautifully. Sure it’s missing the translucent yellow chest plate and the chromed out pincers, but it still looks amazing. These will always be my favorite Decepticon colors, which is probably why I also love Skywarp so much.


As far as robotic beetles go, this version of Skrapnel is a bit sleeker than the G1 original design, and that ain’t a bad thing. I also dig how high he stands on his legs. There’s quite a bit of clearance between his body and the ground and I think that gives this mode a lot of credibility. There isn’t really a head on this critter, but seeing as how he’s a cyber bug, I guess he doesn’t really need one. There’s really no articulation in the insect legs, but you can open and close his giant pincers, which is certainly cool. One of the pincers on mine is a little droopy, but not too bad.


Skrapnel’s transformation has some cool things going for it. The way the panels on his back shift to the sides to become his legs and the flip that the torso does are both pretty surprising for such a small figure. The result is a fantastic little representation of the Insecticon we all know and love. Sure, he’s got some insect leg kibble hanging off his arms and more on his back, but I actually think it works for the aesthetic rather than against it. Skrapnel is a bug bot and he’s proud of it. Unlike a lot of Transformers, Scrapnel’s deco is identical in robot mode to the alt mode, and in this case that’s not a bad thing at all. He’s gorgeous!


He’s also lots of fun to play with thanks to his copious amount of ball joints. You get ball joints in the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. His articulation is actually so good it kind of stands out that his head doesn’t turn. That’s been the case for me wtih most of these Legends Class figures.



And then there’s Reflector. I want to love Reflector, I really do. I appreciate Hasbro trying here. I mean, what other chance do we have of getting a camera Transformer from Hasbro? None! And yet, he’s really not that impressive. His camera mode just barely passes as a camera. I mean, it’s obvious if you know what it it’s supposed to be, but maybe not so much otherwise. As for his transformation… let’s face it none of these Targetmasters are terribly complex, but Reflector’s bot mode is literally just the camera standing up on his lens. But what the hell, it’s fine.




The gun mode is a bit better. You can plug it into Skrapnel’s alt mode for a pretty cool looking cyber-beetle-tank. It’s also not too oversized for Skrapnel to wield in his robot mode. Still, like most of these Targetmaster guns, I think they work best in the hands of a Deluxe or Voyager Class figure.



Last time, when I looked at Swerve, I went on about his scale and that he was clearly intended to interact with the regular Classics/Generations figures over his own Legends Class. Skrapnel actually falls awkwardly inbetween classes. If you stand him up next to Legends Megatron he’s taller because of his antenna, but otherwise stands shoulder to shoulder to him, which makes him a tad too big. Now, if you stand him with some Generations Deluxes, he’s pretty small, but I actually think this pairing works better. Hey, they’re Insecticons, why not have them be a little smaller? In the end, it’s a compromise either way, but I think I’ll be displaying Skrapnel with my regular Generations figures and not with the Legends. Oh yeah, so long as we’re on about scale, it’s worth pointing out this…


Legends Skrapnel is almost the exact same size as the original G1 Shrapnel. Cool!



It’s probably a given that my first choice would still have been to get a set of G1 inspired Insecticons as Deluxe Class figures. And sometimes I burn my arms on the stove as punishment for not picking up Fansprojects’ Not-Insecticons when I had the chance. So in a sense, Skrapnel here is a consolation prize. The fact that he’s a Legends Class figure is not ideal, but Hasbro still did a beautiful job on him and I love him all the same. What’s even better is that Hasbro recently showed off Legends Class Bombshell and confirmed that Kickback will be following not long after and it’s going to be mighty cool to have a complete set of updated Insecticons, even if they are little guys.

3 comments on “Transformers Generations: Legends Class Skrapnel by Hasbro

  1. I was going to bitch that my problem is that Skrapnel can’t hold Reflector in camera mode. But apparently he can! Thanks!

    I too miss the clear window and the chrome. Vestigial cockpits were the bomb!

    Oh! And the insect mode DOES have a head…see those round “eyes” on the bot mode shoulders? Those are the eyes of the stag beetle. They stick out to the sides in insect mode. If you see a picture of a stag beetle you’ll get it.

    Love this fig. Bring on the next two!

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