Masters of the Universe Classics: Madame Razz by Mattel

It’s Club Etheria time and today I’m looking at a figure that a lot of collectors were really happy to get into their hands. Me? Eh, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly happy to add her to my shelf, afterall she is a pretty iconic character in the She-Ra series, but I can’t say as I’ve been pining for her release. For those of you who don’t know Madame Razz, she’s basically the Orko of Etheria. That is if Orko was a crazy homeless bag lady. Like Orko, Razz was an absent minded spellcaster who was inexplicably trusted with the secret of our heroine’s secret identity. In other words, she was one of the many comic relief characters for the much lighter toned She-Ra series. She’s also one of those characters I never really expected to ever make it to figure form… and here she is! Oh, Deary-My!!!


Razz comes in the usually awesome Greyskull inspired green stone package with the “Princess of Power” sticker on the bubble. There’s also an expositional explosion on the bubble insert proclaiming that her trusty friend Broom is included. Despite being a slightly smaller figure than most of the line, Razz and Broom still fill up the bubble quite nicely. The back of the card includes a bio, which didn’t really tell me anything new about the character, other than her first name is Regina. The cardback did, however, serve to remind me that I’m still missing a few Princess of Power figures.



And there she is out of the package looking just as sexy as She-Ra and her girlfriends. WAIT… WHAT AM I SAYING???  No, Madame Razz bears the unfortunate burden of being one of the few females on Etheria that isn’t smoking hot. Hell, Scorpia’s got two lobster claws and a scorpion tail and I’d still do her. But not poor Razz. She looks like a cross between Orko and what you picture in your mind when you hear me say “crazy old Aunt Matilda.” DON’T LIE TO ME… I KNOW WHAT YOU SAW!!! She’s also pretty chunky for all those people complaining that She-Ra only fosters women with unrealistic body types. So what’s so damn cool about this figure?


In a line of figures that more or less conforms to regular human (albeit human steroid junkie) proportions, Razz is totally unique. Sure, there are chicks flying around with butterfly wings and scorpion tails, but they still more or less look like regular people. Not Madame Razz… she’s a total cartoon character and she’s not ashamed of it. Considering all that I think Matty did an exceptional job with what is a very unconventional figure and one which obviously required all new tooling. The result is a figure that captures all the nuances and weird proportions of the original character artwork remarkably well. From the haphazard patches on her clothes to the ridiculous upturned boots, Razz looks like she just walked out of the cartoon.


The head sculpt is also excellent. Frankly, I didn’t think that this portrait would translate all that well to a three-dimensional sculpt, but I’ll be damned if Matty didn’t make it happen. I like the way the hair flows down from inside the hat and it even sprouts out the back of the top of the hat. Even the droopy tip with the flower is spot on perfect.


As Madame Razz is an off-the-wall design, her articulation varies a bit from what we’re used to getting in the MOTUC line. But that’s not to say she isn’t well articulated. The arms have ball joints in the shoulders and elbows and there are swivels in the wrists. She has both rotating and lateral hinges in the hips, and both her knees and ankles are ball jointed. She can swivel at the waist and she has a generous ball joint in the neck. Despite the wonky proportions and tiny feet, Razz still stands fairly well. Sure, sometimes you have to work at it, but I honestly didn’t think it would be this easy to keep her upright without a figure stand.


As already mentioned, Razz comes with one accessory and that’s Broom. Rather than be content with delivering just a static PCV piece, Broom actually features ball joints in his shoulders. Ok, two points of articulation may not be all that much to celebrate over, but frankly I’m pleased that he wound up with any poseability at all. Broom can be a little tougher to stand than Razz, but he does have peg holes if you want to support him with a stand.






Whenever I watched She-Ra, I generally hated every moment that Madame Razz was on screen and so it may seem rather odd that I’m happy to own her figure. Then again I was never all that fond of either the He-Man or She-Ra cartoons, so that was never what was fueling this collection for me anyhow. And yet all I can say is that my Princess of Power collection would hardly seem complete without her. I think she’s a fun figure and she certainly adds a bucketload of diversity to the ladies of The Great Rebellion! And if you buy a thousand of her, you can recreate that scene in Fantasia with Broom!

2 comments on “Masters of the Universe Classics: Madame Razz by Mattel

  1. Great review & photo set of a great action figure. Even the broom has some action. I only disagree with your assessment that the SheRa cartoon was “toned down” as the DiTillio/Forward mythos established poor Adora being kidnapped when she was an infant, being enslaved & indoctrinated as a Horde task master, and helping a community that was enslaved try to reclaim its freedom. Hordak’s Horde Empire was ruler of the roost and Etheria was either enslaved or in peril of being enslaved which was in sharp contrast to King Randor ruling the Eternia roost and Skeletor and his minions trying to overthrow his peaceful and benign kingdom. Cheers!

    • Yeah, I definitely see your point. I think I was referring more about the flavor of a lot of the characters in the show, but now that I think of it I think He-Man had quite a few of those too.

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