Masters of the Universe Classics: Entrapta by Mattel

Once again, I find myself hurrying to get last month’s Matty figures reviewed before the new ones arrive. I just got the ship notice for October’s figures so it’s long past time I wrapped up September’s offerings. I already looked at Club Eternia’s Rio Blast and today I’m going to check out Club Etheria’ Entrapta! My knowledge about the ladies of The Great Rebellion can be hit or miss, but in this case I knew absolutely nothing about Entrapta. I didn’t even know she was a character, so apart from what little I’ve read about the figure, I’m going into this one totally in the dark.


Hey, hey! It’s the MOTUC packaging! Wow, Entrapta is a member of The Horde? I honestly thought she was a good gal. Interesting. Most of the villains in the Masters Universe tend to advertise the fact by either being grotesque monsters or dressing like they’re evil. Sure, Scorpia is hawt, but she’s still got claws and a stinger tail. Scorpions are evil, everybody knows that! But based solely on Entrapta’s looks, I would have definitely pinned her for a goody. Anyway, her tag line on the package, “Tricky Golden Beauty” sounds like a service you might covertly order at one of those less reputable massage parlors. It also doesn’t suggest she’s a villain, nor does it really advertise her gimmick, which is the ability to grab people with her hair. The bio says she has the longest hair in the land, but she might want to get out a yardstick and double check that with Double Mischief, because that figure had some damn long hair.



Here she is out of the package and… Oh… OK. I see it now. She’s got a very understated Horde skull dead center on her bosom. Apart from that, the purple and pink color of her outfit, mixed with all that gold, and I’d be sure this chick would be kicking up her high heeled boots at a tea party and hob-nobbing with the chicks from The Rebellion. In case you can’t tell, I’m really fixating on Entrapta’s allegiance. I’m over it now, though. I’ll try not to bring it up again.


So straightaway I absolutely love this figure. The pink paint is really vibrant and it goes well with the purple. It’s also cool that they used matte paint for the skirt, but a snazzy metallic purple for her top. And the gold… oh, the gold! Hasbro used a nice and vibrant shade of metallic gold paint for her boots, gloves, tiara and her collar and it really makes this figure pop like crazy on the shelf. I also love those boots. They look like something out of a 70’s sci-fi exploitation flick. Hey, Barbarella, come get your boots… Entrapta has them! Seriously, though, this is one bitchin deco!


The portrait here is attractive and now that I look at it, I suppose she does have a tiny hint of an “I’m angry and evil” expression on her mug. I’m pretty sure I mentioned last time about how the female faces in this line are starting to blur together for me. I think it’s something about the structure of the cheeks and a bit of flatness to the face. It doesn’t look bad at all, but there’s just a sense of sameness in the females that has been more or less there since the early days of Teela and Adora. There’s a tiny bit of mold flashing around the jawline of my figure, but the paint on the face is sharp and clean. The lips and teeth look particularly good and I like the slightly cocked eyebrow.


Of course, I’ve already mentioned that Entrapta’s pride and joy is her “ultra long” pink hair. Obviously bubble gum is her kryptonite. Just stick a wad in her hair and it’ll take her forever to find it, let alone get it out. I was a bit apprehensive about the whole hair thing considering how terrible Double Mischief’s hair turned out, but Entrapta’s coif is much better executed. The saving grace here is that it isn’t one giant elephant trunk of hair hanging down the back, but rather two rather unwieldy pigtails that have gotten totally out of control. Each cluster of hair is hinged at the head with a rotating hinge joint and surprisingly enough, you can actually pose the hair up and out and it’ll stay there… at least for a little while. She even has some swivels toward the ends of the hair too! My figure does have a bit of a bobble head, but I guess that’s to be expected when you’re sporting your own weight in hair on the back of your head.



Entrapta comes with two accessories. First off, you get her staff, which continues her whole bling thing. Yes, it is indeed painted in gold and it has a vague Ankh-like configuration which I dig a lot. It’s pretty utilitarian, but who says every magic staff has to have gargoyles and shit carved all over it, eh? Secondly, you get her shield, which is the same old shield we’ve seen the PoP figures come with since the beginning. This one is painted purple and has a purple crystal in it. Yeah, a little variety would be nice, but I honestly like this shield design so I’m cool with it. It also matches her deco nicely, and if there’s one thing the chicks of Etheria know how to do, it’s accessorize! Can’t you just picture Entrapta getting ready to go out and terrorize a village and ask Catra, “Does this shield go with these boots?”



Do I really need to keep running down the articulation on these figures? I do? Alrighty then. Entrapta’s arms feature rotating hinges in the shoulders, hinges in the elbows, and swivels in the biceps and wrists. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, hinges in the knees and ankles, and swivels way up in the hips. She can swivel at the waist and has a ball joint in the neck. All in all pretty standard stuff, plus the two hinges and two swivels in the hair.


Before wrapping up, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the little running QC problem that a lot of the Entrapta figures seem to be suffering… the dreaded crushed left hand! It is indeed smushed on my figure as well and I could see it the moment I took the package out of the mailer. In the end, it’s a slight cosmetic blemish, as the hand is soft enough that it can still hold accessories. In fact, if you put her staff in her smushed hand, it looks fine. Sure, any QC problems on a $30 collector figure are unacceptable, but in this case it isn’t enough to ruin the figure for me. I just write it off to an injury caused by a horrible hair combing accident.



For me, the Princess of Power figures have been outshining the regular Masters figures lately and Entrapta here is another example of why. She’s easily one of the most visually interesting and appealing Etherian ladies to land in my collection. The coloring is great and while the hair could have been a disaster, like it was with Double Mischief, they managed to do it quite well here. The fact that she’s a Horde member was quite a surprise for me, but she does indeed look great when displayed with Hordak and her fellow evil doers. This month’s Club Etheria figure should be Sweet Bee and I’m pretty damn excited to be getting her next!

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