World’s Finest: Huntress and Power Girl by DC Collectibles, Part 1

DC Collectibles has been getting a fair amount of my money this year, thanks to the amazing work they’ve been doing with their recent crops of action figures. Today I’m checking out my first DCC 2-pack and it pays respects to one of my favorite books of the New 52, World’s Finest: Huntress and Power Girl. I latched onto this comic mainly because I became such a fan of Power Girl’s solo run beginning in 2005 and after that I’ve sought out the character whenever I could. But when you toss in a team up with Huntress it’s hardly necessary to justify reading World’s Finest. Previously, my only figures of these characters were from the DC Universe Classics and subsequent Signature Collection lines, and while I still think those are solid figures, both characters were sorely in need of updates. Today I’ll check out the packaging and Huntress and tomorrow I’ll look at Kara!


The figures come in a large window box, which is basically just a bigger version of what we’ve seen for the single figure packs. It’s pretty bland, but it does show off the figures very well and it is totally collector friendly. Although it is a pain to get their capes through the plastic tray without cutting it. The side panels and back show off additional photos of the figures as well as crediting the sculptors, Jack Mathews (Huntress) and Phil Ramirez (Power Girl). I keep thinking about how great these packages would look with some comic panel art and whatnot, but at least I don’t feel bad about throwing them out.


While the New 52 costumes have polarized a lot of readers, Huntress’ New 52 look has remained fairly true to her pre-reboot stylings. She dons a black bodysuit that covers up her previously exposed thighs, biceps, and midriff and the entire ensemble has been streamlined to enclude less pouches and straps. In an era that gave us Supergirl’s inexplicable knee-less boots, Huntress’ costume looks sleek and sensible, while still retaining the design tropes that I knew and loved. Sculpted details include the panel lining on her boots and gloves and some subtle seam lines running up and down her bodysuit. She has understated elbow and knee pads and a modest belt with some pouches. And let me say here how happy I am that DCC went with sculpted shoulder armor rather than separate hinged pieces, especially after the debacle with my Starfire figure.



One of the things I like the most about this figure is the more lithe and demure body type. As much as I still dig the DCUC version of Helena, she looks a bit stocky when compared to this one. The cape is fastened just below her shoulders and is made of a very soft, pliable rubbery plastic. It’s not too heavy and it’s sculpted into a neutral position, which doesn’t get in the way when posing the figure.


DCC has been doing a fantastic job with the head sculpts on these figures, and Huntress is no exception. She has a beautiful face and while the hair and mask are all part of the head sculpt, it still has a nice degree of depth to it. The paintwork on the face is immaculate and they did a particularly nice job on her lips. When you get in pretty close you can see that the eyes aren’t exactly even, but it’s not something I noticed when just casually inspecting her.


Speaking of paint, the paintwork is pretty good on the rest of my figure. Huntress’ entire deco consists of just black, purple and white. Both the black and the purple paint have an ever so slight metallic sheen. There are some visible brush strokes in the white paint applied to her torso and the fringe of her cape and a little slop around the cape, but nothing too bad.


The articulation is solid, albeit not exceptional. The arms feature rotating hinges in the shoulders, hinges in the elbows, and swivels in the biceps and forearms. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, hinged at the knees and ankles, and have swivels at the tops of the boots. The head is ball jointed, although her sculpted hair does limit the amount of movement there. There’s no torso articulation. DCC’s figures are never going to be super articulated, but I think they’ve found a pretty happy medium with what they’ve been offering in this year’s releases.




Huntress comes with one accessory, and that is of course her crossbow pistol. It’s a beautifully detailed little piece, cast in grey plastic. She can hold it pretty well in either hand.




It’s always nice to get a great figure from a comic book that I really enjoy and Huntress fits that bill perfectly. I love the character’s current look and DCC pulled off the figure remarkably well. Sure, the articulation is stiff, particularly when compared to Helena’s acrobatic fighting style, but that having been said, DCC has come a long way from the pre-posed and limited articulation of the DC Direct days. All in all, well done!

Tomorrow I’ll wrap up my look at this set with Power Girl!

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