World’s Finest: Huntress and Power Girl by DC Collectibles, Part 2

As promised I’m back with the second half of my look at DC Collectibles’ World’s Finest action figure 2-pack. Yesterday we looked at Huntress and today we’re checking out Power Girl. I have already given the packaging it’s due, so let’s jump right in with a look at this second figure…


“Hey, my eyes are up here!”

So, I’m really torn with the direction DCC went with here. Power Girl started out in World’s Finest with a very different costume and eventually adopted the one that is most associated with her last pre-reboot look. I love (and actually prefer) her more traditional modern look. What red-blooded male could resist the boob window? But at the same time it would have been nice to see a figure of her other costume. I guess what I’m saying is that either way I would have been happy, but at the same time I’d still love to see the other version be done in figure form somewhere down the road. Unfortunately, I think it far more likely to have seen this version single packed if we got the other version in this two-pack. The bottom line is that I really love Power Girl and I’d like to get as many figures of her as possible. And yes, I am still mulling over that Premium Format Statue from Sideshow, but I really hope my willpower wins out on that one. Anyway, it’s worth noting that of all the New 52 characters, this pair from World’s Finest has probably seen the least drastic change in wardrobe, making this a great set for newer and older fans alike.


The sculpt here is absolutely magnificent on every level. Her one-piece consists of some sculpted lines of stitching with some of her taut abdominal muscles peeking through from underneath and neatly painted gold piping partially partially circling her waist. Her gloves and boots both feature sculpted panel lines, (because you can’t have New 52 without some panel lines, right?) and her short cape plungs down from her shoulders and is fastened loosely just above the right of her chest.



The portrait is also a total slam dunk. I love the soft flesh tone plastic that DCC has been using for these figure’s faces. It looks like something you would see in a larger scaled import figure. The hair is wonderfully sculpted and I love the way it hangs down over the right side of her face without covering her features. The paintwork on the face is clean and precise, particularly on the lips. On the downside, there’s a little white waxy residue on her boobs.


As for the rest of the paint, well if there’s one thing that DCC and even old DC Direct always seems to have a problem with it’s applying white paint. And one look at Power Girl’s mostly white outfit and you can see where I’m going with this. It’s not a terrible paint job by any means, but there are just enough brush marks and slight imperfections in the white paint to bug me a little. It’s frustrating to have a figure sculpt look this good and have a few blemishes in the paint to keep it from perfection. The metallic blue for the boots and gloves, however, is right on point and the flesh tone for her legs looks great. Under the casual eye there’s nothing too bad here, but it begins the break down as you get in close.



The articulation on this figure is close to Huntress, but it is missing a few of Helena’s points and that is disappointing. What’s missing? Well most obvious are the swivels in the legs. Huntress had them at the tops of her boots, but Power Girl is missing them entirely and that really limits what you can do with her stance. Since you can’t tweak the direction her feet are pointing and there’s no lateral ankle tilts, some of Kara’s stances look a little stiff and unnatural. Thankfully the swivels in the biceps survived any further cuts. I’m on the fence over the lack of torso articulation. Not having any movement there is a bummer, but at least there are no POA’s to interrupt the sculpt there.




The World’s Finest 2-pack retails for around $40, which is right in line with the usual twenty bucks a figure that DCC tends to charge. Actually with the markup at most comic shops, you can expect to pay closer to $25 for the more popular DCC figures, so that makes a set like this a little better deal. I don’t know how many of these two-packs I’m likely to pick up, but this one called to me the moment I saw it go up for pre-order and even with some nits to pick, I wasn’t disappointed. Both figures are great updates to the old DCUC style figures and I’m looking forward to DCC getting their figure stands on the market so that I can finally get some of these figures up on display. I’ve got a couple more ladies from DCC coming in the next week, so stay tuned for looks at Batgirl and Supergirl coming up sometime probably early next month.

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