Bioshock Infinite: Booker DeWitt by NECA

Bioshock Infinite is one of my favorite games in recent memory, so when NECA offered the action figures, I was quick to buy. Of course, they went with some enemies (Boys of Silence and Motorized Patriots) and Elizabeth first. It kind of makes sense, as the game is a first-person shooter and so secondary characters and enemies are more recognizable. There was even some question for a while whether we would ever see an action figure of the game’s protagonist, but now that question has been resolved… behold, Booker DeWitt!


NECA’s Bioshock Infinite releases have been spread out quite a bit, with the first two releasing way back in April of last year, but the packaging and presentation has still remained consistent. Booker comes in a sealed plastic clamshell with an illustrated insert with the series title on the top and a bubble insert showing some character art and the name of the figure. The back of the insert has a blurb about the character. The package certainly excells at showing you what you’re going to get. You can scrutinize the figure from three sides and even get a great look at his accessories. On the downside it’s not collector friendly and you’ll need a blade to get Booker out. NECA has since adopted window boxes for some of their other lines and I sincerely hope that means we’re seeing an end to these sealed blisters. Ah well, at least with these you still get that amazing rush of plastic smell when you slice into it.



The sculpt here is absolutely fantastic, particularly in the outfit. Booker sports a jacket with sculpted lapels, rolled up sleeves and tons of little details from the stitching and texturing to the double rows of buttons and the button slits down toward his waist. The flaps of his jacket can be pulled aside to reveal the detailed wrinkling and stitching on his button-down shirt and he has a sculpted neckerchief and pronounced collar. Booker also features a shoulder rig with a holstered pistol (non-removable) under his left arm and some ammo pouches under his right. He even has Anna’s initials sculpted onto his right hand!


As already mentioned, we don’t get to see a lot of Booker in the game, but he does feature prominantly in some of the artwork and we do see him from time to time on wanted posters throughout Columbia. I think the portrait is pretty good, although the plastic used for his flesh is a little shiny making him look sweaty under the studio lights. He also has a rather bewildered expression on his mug. In hindsight, considering what goes on in this game, it’s probably appropriate. Although, a more action-orientated expression would have suited the figure better, which leads me to the articulation…


Booker’s articulation  is acceptable on paper, but the sculpt has other ideas. The points include rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, and knees. There are ball joints in the hips, wrists, ankles, and neck, and there appears to be a ball joint in the waist as well. The biggest limitation on the articulation is found in the shoulders. It seems like the sculpted shoulder rig is preventing the arms from going down all the way, although I have some doubt over whether they would even if those pieces weren’t there. Either way, it’s impossible to get Booker into a relaxed pose with his arms at his sides. It’s mildly annoying to me, but I’m happy to stick with action poses instead.

The paintwork on the figure is exceptionally good. The pin striping on his pants is neat and clean as is the silver applied to the tiny buttons on his coat and the fine striping at the lapels. Still, I’m most impressed by the paint on the shoulder rig. Not only does the wash make it look like worn leather, but tiny dots of brass paint on the buttons is impressive. Even the five-o-clock shadow on the face is pretty convincing.


Booker’s two accessories are his shotgun and the skyhook. The shotgun has a pistol stock and a lever action guard. It’s a good sculpt and it’s finished with black and brown paint with some nice bronze for the fixtures. His right hand is sculpted to hold it perfectly with the trigger finger fitting through the guard.



The skyhook is also a great piece of work. Of course, this isn’t NECA’s first time sculpting this unique tool as they put out a 1:1 scale version of the contraption a little while back. I love all the detail they crammed into this little accessory. All the tiny gears are there and you can even make out the sculpted moon deco on the side. The stock is made of soft plastic and if you pop off Booker’s hand you can slide it right onto his arm. Pop the hand back on and his individual fingers fit perfectly into the knuckle guards. Considering that I had an unfortunate breakage with the handle on the Motorized Patriot’s mini-gun, I’m really pleased with the way this piece turned out.






Booker set me back about $20, which is right in line with NECA’s figures these days. I think he turned out great and I’m very grateful that we finally got him. As I’m sure I already mentioned, Bioshock Infinite is one of my favorite games of late and it’s nice to have a selection of figures from the characters. In fact, I’m still debating going back and picking up the Ben Franklin Patriot and a second Boy of Silence just to round out my display. My guess is Booker will be the last figure we see from this line, but hey… if they happened to turn out a Handyman, I’d happily buy one.

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