Masters of the Universe Classics: Karatti by Mattel

It’s been something of a tradition around here at FFZ to do a Matty Collector Cyber Monday Week and just blow out reviews of all the MOTUC figures I picked up during the sale. I’m not doing that this year, because I’ve still got lots of other incoming goodies to look at, but I think it’s safe to say you’ll still be seeing more Masters figures than usual for at least the rest of the month and possibly into January too. Today I’m checking out another of the New Adventures themed figures and it is indeed the Space Mutant, Karatti. I passed on this guy when he was first offered, but given my new found appreciation for the Space Mutants, I grabbed him and a bunch of others when they went up for sale on Cyber Monday. I’m not entirely sure why I’m into these guys all of the sudden. Maybe it’s because they’re running out of villains from Snake Mountain and I wanted a new sub-line of evil freaks to collect. Yeah, that could be it. Anyway, let’s press on ahead and check out this ugly sum’bitch!


There’s the Classics Greyskull-themed packaging complete with a “Space Mutants” sticker on the bubble. Karatti fills out the bubble inside quite nicely and the insert in the proclaims him to be the “Bone Bashing Mutant!” His biography on the back tells us he’s both stupid and a coward, so I’m not sure why Skeletor keeps him on the payroll. I guess it’s because he sports a pretty mean karate chop.



Karatti design borrows a bit from Trap Jaw (and by extension, Optikk) and that’s probably why I get a strong “space pirate” vibe off of him. His gold cybernetic armor mixed with his day-glo green skin, orange dreadlocks, and purple accents look like the product of a poisoned fever dream brought on by eating a box of crayons. And I mean that in a good way. The aesthetics at work here are just so batshit crazy I don’t think there’s anywhere else they would work than in the world of Masters.



The torso armor fits onto the buck so well that it really looks like it’s just part of the body sculpt. That’s not something this line has always been able to achieve, but I was generally surprised that the whole torso rig could be easily removed. The little details in the armor are also quite impressive. The chest and shoulder pieces have some scrapes and gashes and general battle scarring. There are two craters under his left arm where it looks like a Galactic Protector got in a few lucky shots. There’s also a reinforcing band bolted over a crack in the left shoulder armor as a quick fix. I love when you get sculpted weathering in battle armor like this, it just gives the figure so much more character.


Karatti’s portrait is pure neon colored nightmare fuel. The lower half of his face is a cybernetic set of jaws. I’m not sure if it’s just armor or if he got the lower half of his face blown off like Trap Jaw did, but looks damn creepy along with those soulless black pits he has instead of eyes. Seriously, this guy is staring right through me from the desk right now and it’s creeping me the hell out.



There are no surprises to be found in Karatti’s articulation, as you get the standard MOTUC level of poseability. But, in case this is your first time to the dance, I’ll break it down. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders, hinges in the elbows, and swivels in the biceps and wrists. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, hinged at the knees and ankles, and have swivels at the hips and lower legs. Karatti can swivel at the waist and has a ball jointed neck. There is an ab crunch hinge, but the armor restricts it quite a bit.



While he’s famous for his ability to shatter bones with his karate skills, Karatti still comes with a pair of weapons, both of which are cast in simple black plastic. First, you get a simple sword with an enclosed hand guard. It’s a cool, functional little design, which would have been greatly improved by a little silver paint for the blade. The other weapon is a clever battleax and gun combo. I dig this weapon a lot, but it also could have used some paint hits. I’ll also grumble about how much I would have liked to see somewhere to hang his weapons. It feels like there should be some clips on his back or a hook on his belt.




And so, here’s another example of a Masters character I know nothing about, but I just dig his crazy design so much that I’m thrilled to add the figure to my collection. I love the green plastic they used for his flesh and all the little distressed detail on the armor goes above and beyond. Screw his bio, because I’ve already dubbed him a space pirate and he and Trap Jaw will go on adventures together, raping and pillaging, and if Optikk is really good they may let him come along too. MOTUC may be winding down, but for me it continues to be a toy line that keeps on giving and I can’t seem to shake the joy and excitement I get out of it, even when it comes to opening up lower tier nobodies like Karatti here.

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