Transformers Combiner Wars: Legends Class Thundercracker by Hasbro

It’s Transformers Thursday again and I’m spending it looking at the final figure from Wave 1 of the Combiner Wars Legends Classes. The Legends line has been a bright spot for me lately as I opted out of the Age of Extinction toys and now I’m doing the same with Robots in Disguise. So far, this Wave has been pretty solid with two excellent figures (Bombshell and Powerglide) and one that just squeaked by (Windcharger). Today’s figure is Thundercracker and it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that he’s a repaint of the Generations Legends Class Starscream. I’m a sucker for Seekers and Thundercracker was one of the first Transformers I got as a kid, so he has a special place in my heart.


I’ve said my piece about this new packaging. I don’t love it, but at least its not bland and totally black like a lot of Hasbro’s other lines of late. It looks like the art department actually spent some time on the design and ‘Cracker’s character art on the card is pretty damn sweet. This new method of securing the figures, on the other hand, well this shit has got to go. They aren’t rubber bands, they aren’t twist-ties, they’re just these insufferable little plastic wires like the ones often used to attach tags on clothes. They’re a pain in the ass and I hate them. Anyway, Thundercracker comes packaged in his robot mode, albeit a bit mis-transformed, but let’s kick it off with his alt mode first.





What was a great jet mode for Starscream is still a great one for Thundercracker. If you turn the jet over you can still see the arms and hands pretty clearly, but they aren’t obvious from the top. You still get a flip down front landing gear and there’s still a peg hole on top of the jet if you want to plug one of the Targetmaster Mini-cons into him. Starscream’s gray and light blue plastic has been replaced with dark navy blue and black and some of the red paint with silver. The cockpit is still gold and the paint on the wings is more or less the same, just a little more metallic this time around. Thundercracker’s Decepticon insignia are slightly bigger and shifted a bit closer to the main body of the jet. All in all, good stuff.



Thundercracker has the same easy transformation as Starscream, but it makes for a fantastic robot mode. The proportions are great and little touches, like the way the tail fins fold back really help streamline the design. I love the detail sculpted into the intakes on his chest and the head, which appears to be the same as Starscream’s, features an equally impressive and sharp sculpt. If I had one complaint, it would be that I wish the wing piece pegged into the back, but even without a peg, it holds in place pretty well. The deco in robot mode is very close to what we saw in jet mode only with a little more silver paint showing.




Articulation includes ball joints in the shoulders, elbows, and hips, and hinges in the knees and ankles all of which add up to a fun figure. The guns on his arms are pegged in so they can be positioned facing up or down, used as hand held guns, or removed entirely.




Hasbro did a great job with this mold the first time around, so it’s no surprise that Thundercracker makes me a happy Transfan aswell. This figure represents everything that I love about the Legends Class figures these days. He’s simple and fun and I’m mighty tempted to just carry him around in my pocket all day for when I get some down time. It really feels like Hasbro is pouring that extra love into this line and I hope it continues, because lately these little guys represent my only outlet for new Transformers outside of Masterpiece and Third Party stuff. Now, Hasbro, bust out that paint and get us a Legends Skywarp!

One comment on “Transformers Combiner Wars: Legends Class Thundercracker by Hasbro

  1. Keep those scissors handy when opening these guys for sure. Those plastic ties are a pain indeed! Now if only the Target or Kmart I peg hunt on my way to work would restock already. Jeesh! These figures are nice but the $10 price point bugs me a bit. Aren’t you going to cherry pick the RiD line? I picked up the RiD deluxe Grimlock for $15 and thats one sweet new dinobot. Heck for $20 that the RiD voyager Grimlock lacks in articulation he makes up in height and girth. Anyway it seems the pegs are gonna barren around me until we’re right up on Easter.

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