Magic The Gathering (Legacy Collection): Nissa Revane

Last week I dipped my toe into Funko’s Legacy Collection Magic The Gathering figures with a look at Hot Pyromancer Chandra and I was mighty impressed. Today I’m pressing onward with Nissa Revane. In case you missed the first feature, I’ll point out once again that I know next to nothing about Magic The Gathering, but these looked like some nice fantasy figures and I’m always up for that. So let’s see what’s in the cards for Nissa. See, I said “cards” because these figures are based off a card game. Cards. Funny? No? Little bit? Ok then, moving on…


The package consists of a window box designed to stand on a shelf or hang on a peg. It’s all the rage with 6-inch figure lines these days and it certainly gets the job done. The box identifies the figure, lets you get a good look at what’s inside, and it’s totally collector friendly. I really dig how Funko puts the figure’s name and portrait on the side panel so you can line them up on a shelf and still know which is which without having to pull them off. If Hasbro had done that with the Star Wars Black boxes, I might have hung on to them. Anyway, the one thing the package is missing is a little bio about the character. And because I know nothing about these characters, I quickly buggered off to Wizards of the Coast to find some information about Nissa. Apparently she’s a rather proud Elf that wields nature magic. Her biggest turn-on is flowers and her turn-off’s include both vampires and snakes. Let’s get her out of the box…



Nissa Refane is clearly one of those hot chick tree-huggers. You know, the kind you pretend to like soy milk for so they’ll go out with you and then they wind up leaving you for a botanist after you paid for her BA degree in Ecology. Yeah, you know the type. She’s the epitome of a classic fantasty wood elf and I mean that in every good way possible. The green and brown motif really invokes the feel of the forest and the paint on this figure is pretty near flawless.



I totally dig the way Funko constructed Nissa’s outfit. It’s quite complex and layered for a figure in this scale and price range. The boots and leggings are part of the sculpt, but skirt and sash are sculpted of softer rubber and permanently attached around the waist. The top of the outfit is part of the figure buck with extra pieces of soft plastic attached to make the high collar, cape, and the loops that hang free around her arms. The arm loops are pegged in, so if you pull them too far, they just pull out and you can pop them back in. The lacing for the top piece is also sculpted into the buck and painted. The detailing in her wrist bracers is quite good too and her taut exposed midriff reveals some painted tattoos.


Funko certainly seems to know how to sculpt a pretty female face because the portrait here is every bit as good as Chandra’s. Nissa has somewhat of a slightly concerned expression, or possibly its a hint of sadness. She sports green, pupil-less eyes and those extra long Elf ears that usually turn up in anime, mangas, or games by Blizzard. She features shoulder length brown hair, complete with a very thin gold chain painted in and some tattoos on her face that match the ones on her tummy.


Ah, but Funko has made great looking figures before only to have them snap apart in my people’s hands. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case the articulation. I’m happy to say that my figure has absolutely zero issues with frozen or brittle joints. And while Chandra did have a restricted ball joint in the chest that I wasn’t willing to force, Nissa’s got complete movement in hers. The articulation here is pretty much the same as Chandra’s, but let’s run through it anyway. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders and wrists, swivels in the biceps, and hinges in the elbows. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, double hinged at the knees, and have rotating hinges in the ankles. The neck has a ball joint, which is somewhat restricted by the sculpted hair, and that ball joint under the chest allows for swiveling and leaning forward or back. Nissa is one limber little Elf!





Nissa comes with one accessory and that’s her magical staff. It’s a sculpted to look like a twisted piece of wood and she can comfortably hold it in her left hand.




So far, Funko’s MTG line is two for two, and hot damn, I’m loving these figures. The quality and craftsmanship here is right on par with some of the better efforts of DC Collectibles or even NECA. Nissa features a superb sculpt, great paint, and wonderful articulation… what more can you want in a figure? I’ve got one more of these ladies to open before I decide whether or not to pick up the other half of the line, but the next figure would have to be a disaster to make me stop collecting these now. I’m certainly getting more and more confidence in Funko’s 6-inch action figure chops and anxious to see what they’ll have to show us at Toy Fair this week.

3 comments on “Magic The Gathering (Legacy Collection): Nissa Revane

  1. I really dug these when I first spotted them at B&N some months back and while fondling the package I noticed that the bottom of the box had a shout out to Hot Toys. Granted its just for some Hong Kong distribution work but it still got me super excited to see Hot Toys helping out Funko MtG super articulated action figures. The 6″ articulated pegs are dismal except for the periodic appearance of Hasbro SW Black Series or NECA movie masters so these fantasy figures are the bomb. I love this figure’s tattoos and the dark magic beauty you’re reviewing next has some nice tats too. I should be mad at Magic. My 8 year old recently traded away some 100 of his MtG cards to his 8 year old pal for one fiery steampunk temptress Chandra Mythic Rare card. The math worked out to something like trading $40 worth of cards for one $10 mythic rare card. But given how my boys usually bust my chops about anything awesome that has a girl component to it (SheRa, My Little Pony, etc.) I just lipped up and laughed. True story!

  2. LOL! I’m thankful I never got into the whole card game mania. That being said in researching some of the characters for this series, I’ve spent a good amount of time admiring some of the artwork on the MtG cards. Very nice.

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