Marvel Legends (Allfather Wave): Scarlet Witch by Hasbro

It’s Marvel, It’s Monday, it’s Marvel Monday! I know, I’m taking my sweet-ass time working my way through the Allfather Wave of Legends, but I’ve got a lot of stuff sitting here and waiting to be featured so I’m trying to spread the love around as best I can. Today’s figure of choice is Scarlet Witch, only because I’ve been watching the trailer for Age of Ultron a lot and I’m getting really interested in seeing how she’s going to make out in the movie-verse. Also, this is one of those sad examples where the previous Legends release (from Toybiz) was an atrocity cast in plastic. I can remember digging mine out of a tote a few years back and being so horrified over how bad the paint was that I literally tossed her into the garbage. Some of them Toybiz Legends just don’t hold up so well.


Here’s the packaging. It’s more or less the same as we’ve seen before, although this time instead of The Avengers logo at the top, it just says Marvel. It’s also worth noting that Scarlet Witch’s name only appears on the back of the box in rather subdued print. This is one of those variant swap-out instances where the slot, called Maidens of Might, is shared between Wanda Maximoff and Carol Danvers. I used to hate these, but now that Hasbro is releasing case assortments with both variants included, as opposed to running changes, I got no beef with them anymore. I picked up this wave in one shot and got everything I wanted. It does, however, still blow my mind that they’re selling a figure without the character’s name on the front of the box. Craziness!



Wanda comes donning her iconic (and totally sexy) red outfit, which gets by mostly with paint apps and a little bit of new sculpting. I don’t recall seeing the high-heeled boots before and there’s some original sculpting defining the edges to her top. The oogity-boogity hands, however, are the same pair we saw used for Judith Chambers from the 2013 SDCC Exclusive Thunderbolts set. They worked well there and they certainly suit Scarlet Witch perfectly. The red paint is quite vibrant and accompanied by purple paint for her stockings and the flesh tones. The paint lines are pretty sharp and there isn’t much in the way of slop or bleeding. The cape is sculpted to fall just short of her feet, but with a slightly wide stance it can be used to assist in standing, since those tiny heels don’t offer a lot of stability. And if you prefer to go sans cape, you can remove it just by popping the head.



Ms. Maximoff isn’t stunningly gorgeous, but she’s pretty and I think Hasbro did a fairly solid job with the portrait. It definitely looks a lot better from some angles. The full lips are particularly well defined and the paintwork on the face, right down to her green eyes, is neatly applied. Her tiara looks good enough to be a separate piece and I really dig what they did with her hair, both in terms of the sculpting and the paint highlights.




We’ve seen this female buck more than a few times, so the articulation should be pretty familiar by now, but I’ll run through it anyway. The arms feature a rotating hinge trifecta from her shoulders to elbows to wrists. The legs are ball jointed at the hips and double hinged at the knees. There are swivels in the thighs and rotating hinges in the ankles. Wanda has a ball joint in her torso just below the chest and another in her neck.




Scarlet Witch comes with two magic effect parts. Many of you probably know I’ve never been a fan of Hasbro’s effect parts, but I really dig these. They’re basically like hoolahoops for her wrists. They clip on and present a nice mystical effect with translucent pinkish-purple plastic. Word is that these parts will be recycled for the Doctor Strange Legends figure and I couldn’t be more pleased to hear it.





This wit-chay woman is the third figure that I’ve opened in this wave of Legends and so far it has not disappointed. Scarlet Witch is a solid figure through and through, and with a lot of movie-goers about to get introduced to the character for the first time, it’s great to see her making an appearance in the toy aisles in her iconic comic book look. I’ll also say once again how happy I am that Hasbro is confining the whole variant thing to a single case so that these figures don’t become fodder for the scalpers. Or at least not as badly as what could have been. And speaking of variants, on the next Marvel Monday, I’ll go ahead and check out the other Maiden of Might… Captain Marvel!


One comment on “Marvel Legends (Allfather Wave): Scarlet Witch by Hasbro

  1. I’m buying this babe as soon as I see her. I have no problems getting this “apology” figure that was the ugly and unwieldy ToyBiz Scarlet Witch we got years ago. I love the photo sets you took for SW and really dig her magic effect accessories.

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