Masters of the Universe Classics: Huntara by Mattel

I gotta admit, Matty Collector really upped their game this month and got me my March figures only three days after Sale Day. That’s about a week better than they usually do. Unfortunately, this month amounted to an odd pair. There was Oo-Larr, who I believe was the Subscription Exclusive, and I say that because I don’t remember ordering a figure of a nearly totally naked dude, and Huntara, who I recall hails from the She-Ra cartoon. Guess which one I’m opening first? Yeah, I know it’s in the title, but I’ll bet you could have guessed even if it weren’t.


There’s the packaging. Not much new to say here, other than they forgot to slap a “Princess of Power” sticker on the bubble. Bastards! Huntara’s tag line is “Courageous Silaxian Warrior.” Like I said, I vaguely remember her from an episode of the cartoon, but not terribly well. What’s that? It’s long overdue that I subject myself to more Filmation torture and familiarize myself with the character by watching the episode? FIIIIINE! Be right back…

Aaaaand back! Ugh, I forgot how terrible Scorpia’s Barney Rubble voice was. I could saddle up to her at a bar and think. Mmmm, not bad. Yeah, she’s got scorpion parts, but still pretty hawt. Then as soon as she opens her mouth, I’m gone. And I wonder if Catra buries her own poop… Anyway, Hordak summons Huntara from the planet Silax to do away with She-Ra because none of the freaks on his payroll can get the job done. And speaking of bad voices, holy shit, Huntara sounds like she smokes thirty packs of Etherian Pall Malls a day. Seriously, I kept expecting her to say, “Inspector Gadget will return after these messages.” Anyway, this is one of those cases where she’s really a good person tricked into believing that She-Ra is evil so she’ll try to kill her. I’m positive Skeletor pulled this crap at least a couple of dozen times. Once Hordak convinces Huntara that She-Ra was responsible for the Etherian equivalent of the My Lai Massacre, it’s GAME ON! Of course after a lame fight (and a surprising number of up-skirt shots) Huntara learns she’s been tricked and teams up with She-Ra to give The Horde their comeuppance before flying her Colonial Viper back to Silax. Satisfied? Now let’s open at the damn figure…



If you like your chicks with pale purple skin and mohawked, than Huntara is the girl for you! I really dig the character design here because it feels totally at odds with the wholesome look of so many of the Princess of Power figures. With her exposed midriff and itty-bitty skirt, she shows a lot more skin than most of the gals from Etheria. There isn’t a lot of sculpted detail in her outfit, but what’s here is pretty good. I like the segmented armor on her shoulders and skirt, complete with tiny rivets. What little there is of her outfit is a vibrant blue with black and gold. I like the coloring a lot, but the paint on my figure is bit rough. She’s got some gold slop from her bracer on the skin on her left arm and some more blue slop on her back. It’s not god-awful, but when I’m dropping $30+ on a figure with shipping I like my paintwork clean.




It’s the portrait here that really scores a lot of personality points. Her white mohawk and ponytail combo is quite distinctive as are the tattoos on the sides of her shaven head. Huntara was from another planet, so I like the fact that her style is so alien to Etheria, even if it is pretty typical for the 80’s punk circle. The face sculpt is pretty, but has that same flat look to her that so many of the MOTUC ladies seem to share. She does have this weird thing going on where it looks like her eyes are uneven at some angles, when they’re really not.




Huntara’s articulation is typical for the female bucks in the line. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders, hinges in the elbows, and swivels in the biceps and wrists. The legs are ball jointed in the hips, hinged at the elbows and ankles, and have swivels up near the hips. Huntara can swivel at the waist and has a ball jointed neck, but no ab-crunch. It’s worth noting that her joints feel a little more gummy than most of my MOTUC figures, but nothing too bad. She’s actually a lot of fun to play with.





As far as accessories go, Huntara comes with her two Not-Lightsabers. I think they were called Stun-Swords in the cartoon. These can clip onto her back and she can comfortably hold them in her hands. It’s a bit of a shame that the blades aren’t removable like with most of Hasbro’s lightsabers. She also comes with an axe, which is actually intended for Oo-Lar, so I’m not even going to cover it here. I’ll talk about it more when I get to that figure.





I really dig this figure, despite some of the minor QC flaws. Huntara sports a very distinctive design and she really stands out on my Princess of Power shelf. While it’s hard for me to imagine myself not collecting this line, if I weren’t, I would still probably like to have this figure as a stand alone for my collection. There’s just something simple and cool about her that I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe I’m getting a little bad ass Jedi feel off of her, but either way she was a mighty nice pick up for this month.

One comment on “Masters of the Universe Classics: Huntara by Mattel

  1. Man I love the head sculpt on Huntarra. I opened Oolar or Tarzan HeMan at the same time and he’s ok. For every Oolar who I’m scratching my head asking “why did I sub” I get a figure like Huntarra who makes me think man am I glad I subbed. I dunno. I’m tempted to cancel my credit card and go on a slow burn out for this last year of MotUClassics picking up guys like Squeezzzze and Mara on the fly off Amazon and forgoing the rest. I missed the 200x sub up so there’s 2 bills I’m not on the hook for but man I wants me an EvilSeed.

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