Star Wars Rebels: Sabine Wren and Stormtrooper (Mission Pack) and Ezra Bridger (Single-Carded) by Hasbro

The first season of Star Wars Rebels has been behind us for a little while now. It had its up and its downs, but it did manage to keep me watching and the final episodes had me in awe of what was easily some of the best Star Wars in this sort of media since The Original Trilogy. Seriously, I did not expect to like this show and I very nearly bailed on it a couple of times, but damn if it didn’t totally convert me with its charm and excitement, and really what higher praise can I give it? Hasbro, on the other hand, deserves only my scorn as they have totally dropped the ball with the distribution of the 3 3/4” figure line. I’ve yet to see a single figure on any peg anywhere and since they’re mostly only available online for scalper prices, I have to assume that distribution on these figures is pretty poor all over the place. A little while ago, I was able to pick up the Zeb and Stormtrooper Mission Pack at retail price, and I was able to get Ezra Bridger single-carded at regular retail, but I paid about five bucks over retail for the Mission Pack we’re looking at today. And yeah, I might as well check out Ezra today too, because these really are very simple figures. Let’s just go ahead and start with Ezra…


The packaging consists of a generous bubble mounted on a diecut card featuring a pretty banged up Stormtrooper helmet. The cardback is generic, but Hasbro makes use of a printed insert to denote the name of the character along with a little portrait in the lower corner. I like the presentation here, but I don’t love it. It’s a whole lot better than some of the stuff we’ve seen in the past and it’s definitely a lot more pleasing than some of the other Hasbro packaging on the shelves and pegs right now.


Out of the packet and Ezra presents as quite a solid representation of his on-screen counterpart. The character designs in the show aren’t my favorite, but they work for me a lot better than what we saw in Clone Wars and I’m to the point now where I’ve gotten used to them. Ezra features an orange jumpsuit with a sculpted vest and some sculpted armor on his lower right leg. It’s kind of a hodge-podge outfit, but seeing as how he’s an orphan on the run I guess it makes sense. The outfit certainly “fits” what we’ve seen in the Star Wars Universe as far as I’m concerned. The portrait is absolutely spot on perfect. I don’t think they could have done a better job with the likeness. The plastic quality feels good and the paint is surprisingly clean for such a small figure.


All the Rebels figures so far feature a retro-style five-points of articulation and that includes the three I’m looking at today. A lot of people hate this trend, but I’m almost ashamed to say that I’m kind of into it. I realize it’s just a ploy to cut costs, but I can’t deny a certain nostalgic feel to it, especially when it comes to the Rebels figures. There’s just something about it that really fits the style.


Ezra comes up pretty light in accessories department, and that’s disappointing. You do get his stolen Imperial helmet, which fits over Ezra’s head, but that’s it. Nothing else. No blaster, no lightsaber. Nada! Considering how small Ezra is compared to the other figures the lack of at least a gun is inexcusable to me. Ah well, I guess I’ll raid my totes and get him an E-11 Blaster.


Next up is the Sabine and Stormtrooper Mission Pack. The package deco is the same as the single-carded only with an insert featuring more pronounced character portraits. We already saw this packaging when I featured Zeb a little while back, so I’m just going to move on.



The Stormtrooper is the same figure that came with Zeb, but don’t think I’m dismissing him. I really love this mold as it manages to walk a fine line between the stylized look of the show and some fairly mainstream Stormies. The white plastic is nice and shiny and the paint is fairly sharp. Overall, I’d say it looks a lot better than the 3 3/4″ Stormtrooper that I got from the Black line. I love the idea of bundling the main characters with army builders like this and would love to see it catch on. I would have been perfectly fine if every one of the Ghost crew came with a Stormy. The usual 5-points of articulation applies and he comes with a pretty standard E-11 blaster, which he can hold in either hand.



And that brings us to Sabine. I’ve got a lot of mixed feelings about this figure. On the one hand she looks great. Like Ezra, she’s a great representation of the onscreen character right down to the stylized contours of her Mandalorian helmet. The paint is pretty good and I like the way the sculpt has her ever so slightly leaning on one hip. I also really dig the fact that she comes with both her blasters and functional holsters too! Yeah, holsters aren’t usually a big deal anymore, not even in this scale, but for these retro-style figures it feels like going above and beyond.




Of course, the downside of this figure is the fact that the helmet isn’t removable and that plain sucks. Maybe they felt they couldn’t do it and keep the helmet normal sized. To be fair, Ezra’s helmet is rather large. Still, it’s going to be a crime if we don’t eventually get a figure of Sabine without her helmet on, since that’s the way we see her most often in the show.




So, slowly but surely I’m putting together this collection. I dig these figures a lot, but what I’m going through to find them at a fair price is ridiculous. It’s a shame I can’t just march into the local Big Box and grab these off the pegs for eight or nine bucks, because I would be all over them. Anyway, I now have a pair of Stormies and three of the Ghost’s crew. Kanan and The Inquisitor are both sitting in my POL over at BBTS and I’m just waiting to find a decent price on Agent Kallus and the AT-DP Driver. When Hera finally gets released, I’ll probably bite the bullet and pay through the nose, but Chopper can go f’ck right off. No way I’m paying the $25-30 that thing is selling for.

2 comments on “Star Wars Rebels: Sabine Wren and Stormtrooper (Mission Pack) and Ezra Bridger (Single-Carded) by Hasbro

    • Hells, yeah. I’d be all over that. My biggest fear is that Rebels is going to get swept away when Episode 7 comes out. And if Hasbro can’t get this stuff out now, they’ll have no hope of getting it out when the sea of Ep 7 toys starts flooding the pegs. At this point, I’m just going to be content with finding what’s out now if I can even do that.

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