Star Wars Rebels: Hera Syndulla and Sandtrooper Mission Pack by Hasbro

So, after lamenting the fact that I would probably never find this Mission Pack on the pegs (I’ve never seen ANY Rebels figures on the pegs), yesterday I find a suspicious bulging envelope in my mailbox and inside was this pair of figures dispatched from a friend of mine who knew I was looking for them. Oddly enough, he said it was the only Rebels pack hanging on the pegs and it was in the middle of the Marvel section! It works out great, because I’m a little pressed for time today and while I’m terribly excited to have these figures, the truth is, it won’t take me too long to cover them. There’s no in-package shot, because he mailed them to me loose to save on shipping. BASTARD! (No. No. No. Just kidding, buddy! If you happen to see Chopper send him my way too!) Anyway, let’s start off with the Sandtrooper.





Last time, I commented about how much I love the idea of getting a main character bundled with a troop builder. That’s sort of the case here, although I think this is the only way you can get the Rebels style Sandtrooper, so it’s not really helping with the whole army building thing. That’s OK, though, because I’ll just go ahead and make this guy the squad leader of my other Rebels Stormies because he has a pauldron and that’s all the qualifications he needs. It should probably come as no surprise that this is the exact same Stormtrooper that I’ve already featured twice and that the additional shoulder-wear is the only thing new. Of course, that’s not a bad thing because I absolutely love this mold. It’s shiny, well-painted and has just the right amount of stylized design. It’s not jarringly different than a regular Stormtrooper, but it still manages to be distinctive. As with his other comrades-in-arms, the Sandtrooper comes with his trusty E-11 blaster.



And that brings us to Hera. I love Hera on the show. She’s got lots of personality and the relationship between her and Kanan is endearing and well fleshed out, considering its only been the one season. Her figure is solid enough, but unfortunately my least favorite of the four Ghost crew members I have so far, and that’s all to do with the head sculpt. I think that Zeb and Ezra were spot-on likenesses, and it’s not really fair to judge Sabine, since you can’t see her face, but there’s something a little off about Hera. She just doesn’t look like the same Twi’lek. Her gaunt face and those circles under her eyes make her look sickly. I realize that I’m digging in a bit deep for what is a very basic 3 3/4″ figure, but I’m still going to call it like I see it.


That’s not to say the figure is bad. They did a nice job recreating her outfit with as much detail as they could allow while still keeping the stylized and animated look. She even has her tiny boot holster sculpted on, albeit it isn’t a functional holster. I’m not sure they could have made that work with the figure’s proportions. She’s got her flight goggles pushed up onto her forehead and the white patterns are printed neatly on her head tendrils. Hera also comes with her pistol, which she can hold in either hand. It’s so tiny, I’m truly amazed that I haven’t managed to lose it yet.


Of course, both figures come with the vintage-style five points of articulation. The arms rotate at the shoulders, the legs rotate at the hips, and the heads will turn. I’ve said before that I think this simple articulation works well with these stylized figures, even if it is just a cop out to save money. I think what makes these figures work so well with the limited articulation is that they aren’t pre-posed, but more neutral like the original Kenner figures were.



And so this Mission Pack brings my Rebles Stormtroopers count to three, and my Ghost crew count to four. Kanan is the last of the crew I need and he is still sitting in my POL at BBTS along with the Inquisitor. Yeah, I know… Chopper. He’s still hovering at around $30 on Amazon, so he can keep f’cking off until he decides to sell himself at a more reasonable price. Hasbro has recently issued some troubling statments about these Mission Pack style figures and how they will not be shipping any more of them, so I’m really starting to freak out about getting the ones I want. I may indeed just end up biting the bullet and paying extra so that I can at least get a complete set before they disappear altogether. Still, it’s hard to believe that the show will go through a second season without new action figures on the pegs. That would be a real shame.

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