Warbotron: Fierce Attack (WB-01E) by Warbotron

So, let’s call this Not-Transformers Thursday because I’m fresh out of new Hasbro TFs to look at so I’m taking this opportunity to check out one particular unofficial release that has been on my shelf for a few weeks now. It’s hard to believe it’s been a little over a year and a month since I featured Air Burst, the very first release in Warbotron’s series of Not-Combaticons and now I’m finally getting to sit down and take a look at the last one. I present to you, Fierce Attack aka Not-Onslaught.


The figure comes in a box with the same deco that we’ve been seeing all along only this time it’s very long and not so tall. You get a silver outer sleeve with some nice monochrome graphics. Lift off the sleeve and you see a colorful window box displaying the toy in its vehicle mode. The box features some kick ass artwork, a grid pattern very evocative of the old Hasbro G1 boxes, and it’s even purple like the old G1 Decepticon boxes. So pretty!


Much like Fansproject’s Not-Stunticons, Warbotron delivered all the limbs of this combiner in their robot modes, but packaged the torso in his alt mode. I’m fine with that. It actually makes plenty of sense when you see all the extra bits this dude comes with. With the exception of a few oddities in the spelling, I’ve really enjoyed the presentation of this series and this final release is no exception.



One thing’s for sure you definitely get your money’s worth in plastic and extras with this set. The tray comes loaded with big, chunky parts, including the truck and trailer, a set of combiner hands, a set of combiner feet, a combiner chest piece, a massive gun, and two smaller and yet still massive guns. You also get a baggie of transparent yellow thingies, two baggies of rocket packs to attach to truck mode, and a bagged replacement torso for Air Burst. As for the ephemera, you get a thick B&W comic book, a folded instruction sheet, and a color character card. Phew, that’s a lot of stuff! Well, since Fierce Attack comes in his alt mode, we might as well start there.



Fierce Attack is a military style truck with an extra flatbed trailer, which is not part of his standard robot mode. In fact, you get a lot of stuff here that isn’t part of the robot mode and in some cases not even part of the truck mode. This line has featured a little bit of parts forming from the beginning, and that hasn’t bothered me at all and it doesn’t bother me here either. Extra combiner parts were a fact of life from the beginning and while I’m all for incorporating everything into each robot, I’m fine with going this route too.


With all that having been said, I really dig this truck mode a lot. The panel lines and sculpted rivets give it a great armored look, the front grill looks a tad weathered, and the sculpted windshield wipers and flip out side mirrors are nice extra touches. It’s ugly as sin, but then it’s a military truck so that’s pretty appropriate. The flatbed trailer plugs securely into the back of Fierce Attack’s cab hitch making for a really long vehicle. The cannon backpack can peg in securely right above the trailer hitch. When combined with the missile packs on the side, Fierce Attack is certainly an imposing presence on the road and a great homage to G1 Onslaught.




The instructions are silent as to what you can do with the combiner parts when you aren’t using them, but if you dig through some of the original promo images, you can probably come up with some neat stuff. The combiner feet work well enough on their own as attack drones and Fierce Attack can comfortably carry one of them on his trailer. If you really want to make a statement, though, you can combine the two feet, the hands, and the combiner gun together for a giant piece of artillery that Fierce Attack can tote around. I love the look of this piece, but I’m still trying to see how they built the launch pad for Air Burst.


Transforming this guy is fairly simple, which has more or less been the case throughout this series. When you’re done you get a damn fine looking robot mode. In keeping with this line’s aesthetic, Fierce Attack has a number of departures from Onslaught and yet I would have no problems recognizing him as an homage to the character. Generally speaking, I tend to enjoy the Third-Party stuff that engages in a little artistic license rather than just straight copyright theft. The windshield chest, for example, is new, but I like it a lot. I’m also very fond of the giant twin cannon barrels coming up off his back and the way they look like they could double as a jetpack. The overall coloring of the figure also looks right on the money. Even the head sculpt is wonderfully appropriate and features some bitchin’ purple light piping. This guy looks like a powerhouse, just the kind of robot to lead this band of destructive force.


That’s not to say I don’t have a few quibbles with this guy and most of them land squarely on his shoulders… literally! The shoulder construction is a bit odd in that you have to move the shoulder wheels independently in order to get the lateral movement out of the arms. Also, exposed screw heads on the front of a Transformer is something I’ve taken issue with Hasbro about more times than I can count and if I don’t find it acceptable on a $20 figure, you can imagine what I think of it on a $120 figure. Lastly, the shoulders on my figure are excessively tight. Rotating the arms makes a scary creaky noise. From what I can tell that’s the case on most of these figures and not unique to my own. There are some other things that could have been done better, like the flaps on the lower legs that just sit there and look rather unfinished. If you could have swiveled those around and pegged them in it would have taken care of them a lot better. I like to peg in the rocket clusters from the truck mode on these to give them a more polished look.



Fierce Attack’s backpack can be removed and split apart into two huge guns. He can wield these in both hands allowing him to really live up to his name. Admittedly, having him hold both looks like overkill and borderlines on silly, but having him brandish one as a rifle looks good. On the other hand, I prefer him with his iconic backpack and that’s where these will likely stay. I may just wind up giving him Sly Strike’s pistol. On a side note, there’s something about these guns that look like they might work as some kind of booster rockets and added guns for Air Burst. They even have little fold out wings. I’ll have to do some experimenting and get back to you on that.






There’s no doubt that Fierce Attack has more issues than any of the other figures in this series. I suppose a case could be made for him having more issues than all the others combined. None of the problems here are crippling, however, and apart from some tight shoulders, the QC on this figure is without fault. He feels like he could have spent a little more time in the cooker, but even as is he makes for a fine leader for my Warbotron Combaticons. I have this set displayed prominently in their individual modes, right above my MMC Predacons, and man do they all look great. But as the old saying goes, “the proof is in the combining” and next Thursday I’ll be back to cobble these guys togehter and see what we got.

7 comments on “Warbotron: Fierce Attack (WB-01E) by Warbotron

  1. Hi!!!

    I cannot wait until tomorrow (or Friday) to see the full monster assembled.

    Would you mind to make a comparison picture with a TFC figure or a ruler to have an idea how big it is? (I know he is hugher than hughness and I would to see jajaja).


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