Marvel Legends (Ultron Wave): Wasp by Hasbro

I’ve made no secret about the fact that I was initially disappointed the Marvel Cinematic Universe didn’t include Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne in The Avengers, but then everything turned out so well, I’ve since been content to let it go. Hank is finally getting his screen time in theaters now, albeit taking a backseat to Scott Lang. Janet, on the other hand, well I don’t want to go into spoilers this close to the film’s release, so let’s divert our attention away from the movie and into the pages of the funnybooks…


I’ve got nothing new to say about the packaging here. Wasp comes with her wings detached, so you just have to plug the bottom ones into the top ones and then peg those into her back. She also comes with the torso BAF piece for Ultron. I’ll note here that this is the same version of Wasp that we got in the Marvel Universe scale not too long ago, and that release was a mighty damn fine figure, so I’ll probably be making some comparisons throughout.


And there she is, wings attached and all ready to go! Janet is donning the modern black and gold suit, which is not my favorite look for her, but I don’t dislike it at all. The costume gets by with a black female buck and gold painted detail only. There’s gold trim around the soles of her boots, on the palms of her hands, and the deco on her torso. Most of the paint is applied pretty well, although some of the decorations around her chest could have been a bit sharper. Wasp features those oogity-boogity spell-casting hands that we’ve seen on a lot of the ladies lately. I would have probably preferred at least one fist, if not both. I usually picture her launching her Wasp Stings from her fists and not opened hands. But, hey… no biggie.


The wings look great. They’re cast in a transparent yellowish-green with sculpted veins (or whatever you call those things) making them look a little icky. The Universe version of Wasp came with only two wings, but the Legends has four, with two plugging directly into her back and the other two socketing into the primary wings. It offers a good deal of articulation and I haven’t had any problems with them coming out while posing her.



The portrait really could have made or broken this figure and I’m happy to say it turned out fine. Janet is sporting her pixie cut, with hair a little shorter than what we got on the Universe version. I have heard horror stories about the paintwork on her eyes, mine look just fine and the paint on the lips is pretty good too. Her hair features some lighter brown highlights.





Articulation is the usual female buck fare. The arms are ball jointed at the shoulders and wrists and double hinged at the elbows. Alas, there are no bicep swivels. I really wish Hasbro would finally make those standard on all the Legends figures. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, have double-hinges in the knees, and swivels in the thighs. The ankles are hinged and have lateral rockers. She has a ball joint just below her chest and her neck is ball jointed and hinged.




Once again, Hasbro has been serving up some solid figures in their Legends series and Wasp here is no exception. The only real complaint I have about Wasp here is that between her lithe legs and back-heavy wings she can be a little difficult to stand. Luckily Legends figures aren’t too difficult to fit and I’ve found that the NECA and (ironically) DC Collectibles stands work pretty well with these. Of course, the cool thing about having a matching Legends and Universe version is that I think the two look great displayed next to each other, similar to the set up that Bowen did for one of their contemporary Wasp statues. I like this figure a lot and it’s even possibly motivated me to hunt down the red and blue costumed version (my favorite look for her) from that old MODOK Wave.

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