Marvel Legends (Ultron Wave): Bulldozer by Hasbro

In the past, Hasbro has had a rather annoying track record for showing off Marvel Legends figures only to have them never make it out to retail. I’m still waiting for that red-suited Deadpool. And what happened to Emma Frost? And what about the final team member of the Wrecking Crew? Well, at least they have us covered on that last one. Originally planned as a running change for Wrecker’s slot in the Rocket Raccoon BAF, he never did make it to the pegs. But now, back from oblivion, Bulldozer has finally shown up as part of the Ultron Wave.


At this point there isn’t much notable about the packaging, except maybe to pointlessly speculate why Bulldozer is appearing in an Ant-Man package. I’ve got to tell ya, folks, I thought I’d have to throw a lot of extra money to some dirty scalper to get this guy in hand. He debuted on Amazon in the $35 range, but soon settled at a more reasonable $21 and I quickly grabbed him up. Like all the Legends Wrecking Crew, Bulldozer is a big boy and he fills out his package nicely, with only a little extra room for that BAF Ultron arm.



Out of the package, Henry Camp is a formidable presence on the shelf. He’s built off the same large buck as his chums, Thunderball and Piledriver. I can remember a lot of fans having issues with these guys being so damn big, but I was fine with it, mainly because it allowed them to stand toe to toe with the massive Thor figures Hasbro has served up in the current Legends line. Besides, I like this buck a lot. It’s big and chunky and tons of fun to play with.


Bulldozer’s costume is comprised of bulky pieces reinforcing his orange jumpsuit. The sculpting on these pieces is really nice, complete with huge rivets and a lot of pitting and scratches to make them look weathered and used. The same techniques are used on his helmet. The head sculpt is pretty good, but it’s rather obvious that it’s all one piece. I think it would have been cool if they had layered the helmet onto the head to give it a little depth.
Articulation is identical to the rest of the Wrecking Crew. The arms feature rotating hinges in the shoulders, hinges in the elbows and swivels in the biceps and wrists. The legs have rotating hinges in the hips, double hinged knees, and swivels in the thighs. The ankles are hinged and have lateral rockers. Bulldozer can swivel at the waist, he has a hinged ab crunch, and the neck is hinged and ball jointed.


Bulldozer doesn’t come with any accessories, but he really doesn’t need any. Hey, we all have that extra ball and chain that came with Piledriver, so feel free to lend it to him. Or you can just have him beat on people with Ultron’s arm.




Hasbro started this team waaaay back in 2012 with the second wave of the new Marvel Legends and I’m so glad they finally wrapped it up. I’m sure a lot of obsessive collectors out there can sympathise when I say completing a team helps me sleep better at night. And besides these guys look great together on the shelf! Thanks, Hasbro!

One comment on “Marvel Legends (Ultron Wave): Bulldozer by Hasbro

  1. My ML Wreckers took the display spot on our comic book shelf. Was momentous to complete this team. Isn’t the Ultron robot arm the accessory? I don’t think I’m building that bad bot up as we’ve already got the ToyBiz Legendary Rider ML Ultron and the Hasbro comic ML Ultron. So the loose robot arm can be used much like a crowbar

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