My Little Transformers Corner

I spent some time moving things around in my little Transformers Corner tonight so I thought I’d snap some pics and share them…


This little Change-A-Bot Nook is tucked away in a corner of my Den. Displaying my TF collection used to frustrate the hell out of me until I finally decided I didn’t have to display all of it at once, just some of the pieces I like the most. It would be more accurate to say that these are among my more recent acquisitions. Even when I had a whole wall of Transformers set up, I was never quite happy with it, so now the bulk of them live in Totes and I’ve gone for a “less is more” kind of deal. Gotta love these $30 Big Box bookshelves. They’re fine for what they are, but god help you if you try to move them, they’ll crumble in moments.


I generally like to display my combiners as teams, but if I had the vertical space, I think I’d display the Constructicons as Devastator. His combined mode is just so damn magnificent. As it is, they fill out a shelf nicely.


I started the top shelf as just Wreckers, but I’ve been gradually adding more Generations figures here and there. The Unite Warrior Aerialbots have to live waaaay up on top of the MP boxes. Sorry, Silverbolt. I know you’re scared of heights.


It’s a lot of lovely 3P stuff here. As much as I love all of these guys, I’m trying to steer away from investing in any more 3P combiner teams, as I’m spending a lot more money on Hot Toys these days and something had to give. I feel like my favorites are well represented.


I do wish I had room to display Uranos, but for now TFC’s Not-Aerialbots have to live in their boxes for now. Still not sure what to do with Hasbro Air Raid. He’s pretty redundant right now. Otherwise, I’m hoping I can keep things status quo for a little while here. I do have a shelf of books in one of these cases that I will have to move when I get Unite Warriors Defensor. And I have no idea where I’ll go with Leader Class Starscream.


By figurefanzero

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