Mortal Kombat X: Raiden by Mezco

Last week I was delighted to pick up two of Mezco’s new MK X figures, Scorpion and Sub-Zero, and I vowed that the third figure in the wave wouldn’t be far behind. Rather then try to hunt him in the stores, I worked up a little Amazon Prime magic and had him delivered to my doorstep.



We just saw this packaging last week, so I won’t dwell on it much. It’s kind of distinctive and it mimics a little bit of what Jazwares tried to do with the presentation of their MK figures, what with the stylized bubble and die-cut card. In the end, it’s just something for me to rip open to get at my figure, so it works just fine by me.




Scorpion and Sub-Zero both featured impressive paintwork and sculpts and I’m happy to say that Raiden is right up there with them. It’s even possible that, because of the brighter and more ornate nature of his design, this figure shows the work Mezco is putting into these even better. The sculpted scroll-work in Raiden’s tabard, for example, is superbly executed and follows up with some gorgeous gold paintwork. You get similar decos on the arm bracers and grieves. Even the detail on the scalloped knee guards and the rope belt is impressive. Hell, every single buckle on the straps that hold on his leg armor is stylized, sculpted, and carefully painted. This is great stuff! The white blue and gold deco also offers a nice contrast to the somewhat darker and grittier costumes of Sub-Zero and Scorpion.



The head sculpt is rather simple, but it’s a good sculpt and the paintwork is very clean. The head looks a tad small, but I think that’s an illusion created by the wide shoulders of the tabard and not an issue with the actual proportions. Raiden’s iconic wide-brimmed straw hat is removable, although I can’t imagine ever displaying him without it. It fits onto his head very well and will stay put through normal posing. If things get crazy, though, it’ll fall off.



The articulation here is identical to what we saw in Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Raiden’s arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. His legs are ball jointed at the hips and feature rotating hinges in the knees and ankles. There are swivels placed at the tops of the thighs and the ankles have lateral rockers. There are also ball joints in the waist and neck. The jointing is all solid and he is loads of fun to play around with.


Accessories include an extra pair of relaxed hands and a third pair of lightning effect hands. The effect hands are actually all cast in clear blue plastic, which is at odds with the back of the package that showed them partially painted. I think I actually prefer what we got a little more.




You also get a crackling ball of energy, which could probably just as easily be shared with Sub-Zero as an ice projectile as the plastic used looks rather similar. Raiden doesn’t come with any proper weapons, but he is the God of Thunder and Lightning, so he really doesn’t need any.



Raiden set me back $20, which is right about what I expect to pay for a 6-inch figure these days. Although I’ll toss out there that the sculpt and paintwork on these figures has been better quality than what a lot of the other companies are putting out in this scale and I’ve had no issues with quality control on any of the the three figures in this batch. Series 2 is due out sometime in November and will include Kitana, Quan Chi, and Kotal Khan, a character who I assume is original to MK X because I’ve never heard of him. Damn, I should probably pick up that game to hold me over until the new figures come out!

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