Masters of the Universe Classics: Buzzsaw Hordak by Mattel

At last, I’m getting around to opening up the final Masters Classics figure from August: Buzzsaw Hordak! This was one of the first figures in this line that I can remember not really being terribly excited about getting. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Evil Horde and I love Hordak, but did I really need yet another variant of the guy? Let alone one that looks almost exactly the same as the original? Well, let’s see if Buzzsaw can win me over.


Nothing much new to say about the packaging, although it’s worth pointing out that the up and coming Dragstor figure is pictured on the back of the card and looking great. The bio is downright weird and attributes Hordak’s buzzsaws to a mutation brought on by attempting to steal time travel secrets without the Cosmic Key. Um, what? Firstly, what does one thing have to do with the other and secondly, that’s a pretty convenient mutation. In the end, there’s only one answer… because, Masters of the Universe! If you can’t accept that, I’ll ask you to take another look at Snout Spout. I rest my case.



So what we have here is basically the same Hordak figure (which I reviewed back in 2010 and recently revisited!) that we got originally only with some paint variations and the chest gimmick thing. Instead of wearing a vest over a regular MOTUC buck, Buzzsaw’s got a totally new torso, but it still looks very much the same. The loin cloth is shorter on the new figure, but that’s the only noticeable change to the sculpt. In fact, with the chest door closed up, the only real differences are the silver-grey used for the trim on the original Hordak’s outfit has been changed to glossy black paint and the weathered looking grey belt has been changed to straight silver. The face on my figure is a little paler than the original too. That’s not to say what’s here isn’t good. The paintwork on this figure is excellent and overall, he looks fantastic.



Of course, with the whole point of this figure being the gimmick, I doubt many will display it with the chest door closed. Nope, if this guy is going to take up valuable space on the shelf, you might as well showcase that gimmick. That having been said, I don’t care much for it as a display option. It’s just an open compartment with the buzzsaw piece rattling around in there. You can balance it on the tab that secures the door to make it look like it’s getting ready to launch, but even that is rather precarious. For a gimmick that required an entirely new torso to be sculpted, this still manages to feel like an afterthought.


Obviously some articulation had to be sacrificed to make this work, but only the ab-crunch. Everything else is intact and right in line with what we’ve been seeing all along from the MOTUC male buck. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders, hinges in the elbows, and swivels in both the biceps and the wrists. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, have hinges in the knees, and ankles, and swivels up near the hips. The neck is ball jointed and there is still a swivel in the waist.


Besides the buzzsaw piece, Hordak also comes with his crossbow. It’s the same piece that came with the original Hordak only now cast in white plastic with red paint apps for the eyes. Sadly, Matty chose not to repack the staff from the original figure, which seems kind of cheap on their part.



In case you haven’t already guessed, I’m pretty underwhelmed by Buzzsaw Hordak. I imagine that collectors anxious to get modern versions of all the vintage toys will be happy to get him, and that’s cool. I suppose he’s a decent pick up for collectors who missed out on the original Hordak, but then that’s not an expensive figure on the second hand market, so if that was the case, you’re probably better hunting down the original. I don’t know what else to say. It’s not often that my Matty Masters Sub disappoints me, but this is one time that it did. This is one that I would have happily skipped had I the option to.

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