Femme Fatales “DC Animated Series:” Supergirl (SDCC Exclusive) by Diamond Select

If you haven’t heard, Bruce Timm’s art styling is now being featured in a new off-shoot of Diamond’s Femme Fatales statue line. Last Friday, I checked out Supergirl, the inaugural release based on the character design from Superman: The Animated Series. Today we’re taking a second look at Supergirl, only this time it’s the SDCC 2015 Exclusive, which is based on the Justice League Unlimited Series and limited to 2,000 pieces. And it seems only fitting to give Supergirl some extra attention, as her new TV Series is off and running and I’m actually digging it quite a lot!


The statue comes in the same type of window box as the regular retail release with generously sized windows on the front, top and sides. All of these let you get a great look at the statue to check out the paint, although with Exclusives like this, you don’t always have the luxury of being choosy.
The box deco is now blue and the front features the Femme Fatales logo as well as the logos for Comic Con 2015 and Justice League Unlimited. There’s also a sticker on the window declaring this an AFX Retail Exclusive. You also get a piece of tape on the top flap with the limitation number. Mine is #140/#2000. I’m not a big fan of putting that sort of thing on the tape, but fortunately you can just cut the regular tape on the bottom flap to get this gal out. Obviously, this is a repaint of the regular release, but I was surprised to find that there’s a fair amount of new sculpting as well. Let’s take a look at the reworked parts first.




Starting from the bottom and working up… the boots are brand new with no laces and the jagged tops with yellow borders. The skirt is slightly longer with a pleated bottom and the dip in the front along with the yellow border. Finally, the entire head has been reworked. The hair is a new style with the clip gone, her ears covered, and some of her golden locks falling over the front of her right shoulder. The eyes are painted with pale blue pupils, to match the JLU look. The re-sculpting is all well done and does a beautiful job transforming the statue into the more traditional and somewhat more mature JLU look.



There are minimal changes to the top. She now has long sleeves and no gloves. The rest is more or less the same with a nice fresh coat of blue paint for the shirt and the S-Shield remaining unchanged. It’s worth noting that while the paint is overall solid on this piece, it’s not quite up to the regular release’s standards. There’s some slop around the wrists and a few minor scratches here and there. The cape appears identical to the previous release and the overall skin tone is painted with more of a tanned complexion.



The pose is still identical to the regular release, which is a good thing, because I think it looks great. The base, which was a bit of a studder step for me last time is repainted to look like an arctic scene. The paint is very rough, probably intentionally so to make it look more distant. I actually like it better than the regular release’s base, but only marginally so. It’s also worth noting that there is no statement of limitation anywhere on the statue, only the box.



Obviously I liked the regular statue enough to pony up for this one, and I’m mighty glad I did. She cost me $50, which is really not bad for an SDCC Exclusive Statue these days and it feels like DST went above and beyond for this release. Case in point, their Femme Fatales Cassie Hack statue also got an SDCC 2015 Exclusive, but it’s strictly a repaint and that’s often the case with these things. Sometimes variants will include minor changes to the base or a swap out accessory, but in this case we got a lot of solid new sculpting and I think it paid off for the statue big time. So far, I’m digging this line a lot and next up will be Poison Ivy, which will probably turn up here next week on DC Friday.

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