Star Wars Rebels: Garazeb Orrelios and C1-10P Chopper by Hasbro

If you’ve followed my adventures in the toy aisles over the last year then you probably know how frustrating it was for me to collect Hasbro’s 3 3/4″ Rebels line. Just getting the crew of the Ghost was like pulling wookie teeth and even I eventually gave up on the chance of ever finding Chopper outside of the $30-40 he was going for in the Interweb’s various scalper dens of scum and villainy. Nonetheless, Hasbro has finally started to make a mends with me and this line by releasing the annoying little Astromech Droid in a new two-pack. Yeah, it meant having to buy Zeb again, but considering the alternatives, I’m not going to complain. Well, maybe a little.


They may be Rebels figures, but there’s a new Star Wars flick hitting theaters in a little more than a month and that means everything has to be branded accordingly with Kylo Ren’s filthy mug and his garage-kit lightsaber. These new two-packs seem to run the gamot of series from Original Trilogy to Rebels to Force Awakens. It doesn’t matter, throw some friggin Ewoks in there too. Just get figures on the pegs and people will buy them! I cannot understand why Hasbro is being so stand offish with Rebels and the 3 3/4″ line (let alone the new movie). It’s probably the biggest chance they have to sell toys in forever and even what little they have out is tough to find. Anyway, the package is a little window box and it’s totally collector friendly. It’s also absolutely gorgeous right down to the amazing artwork of Zeb and Chopper. They really do hide the characters’ names, though, all the way on the bottom left hand corner. You also get a big missile launcher that appears to be exclusive to this set, because Hasbro just can’t resist an opportunity to toss in a big missile launcher. Let’s start with Zeb…



…and yup, as suspected it is just a repack of the regular Zeb figure, which was packed with a Stormtrooper under the original assortment of Rebels figures. I liked this figure a lot back then and I still like him now. It’s a really great sculpt that follows the rather simplified animated style of the series and yet there’s still a fair amount of detail on him. The paint is also really tight, at least when compared to some of Hasbro’s other efforts in this scale lately. The colors really pop on this figure, the graffiti on his shoulder looks great, and I particularly love the green paint they used for his eyes.



Zeb comes with two accessories. You get the same gun he came with in his original release and you get the previously mentioned missile launcher. The launcher is a nice looking BFG, but it’s not really designed for a figure with only five points of articulation. I’ll probably give it to a figure who can actually handle it properly.


And then we have Chopper and he is definitely the hardest I ever worked to get a figure of a character that I do not like. I hoped he would grow on me as the show went on, but that hasn’t been the case. Thankfully, his antics aren’t enough to spoil what has become a great little series. Anyway, I have major mixed feelings about his little figure. On the one hand, there’s some nice detail going on in the front. The recessed parts look really good and the paint is fairly solid.


On the other hand, there’s really nothing at all going on with his backside. It also feels like there were some missed opportunities with him. When you see how little plastic is involved with this guy, Hasbro could at least have included some peg-in arms or a middle wheel or something to beef him up. As it is all he has are just three points of articulation (head and “shoulders”) and nothing else. It’s crazy how happy I am to finally have this guy in my collection, but not having a complete set of the Ghost crew was really ticking me off.




This set retails for around $15 and despite Chopper’s insane prices on the secondary market, this one seems to be pretty easy to find and even the online prices haven’t been inflated. As a matter of fact, at the time I’m posting this, the set is actually available on Amazon for eleven bucks! It’s a great opportunity for collectors like me who never found the angry little Astromech droid and while I should be complaining about having to buy another Zeb to get him, I’m not. In fact, getting this set has given me a push to try to track down the remaining figures in the line that I’m still missing. But, what does the future hold for the Rebels 3 3/4″ line? Who knows. Right now the only new figure that’s been shown has been the new Inquisitor, although unless they plan on releasing that figure in a two-pack like this one, it seems like at least a handful of other figures should follow.

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