DC Comics: Zatanna Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya

There’s no better testament to how backed up my receivings pile is than the fact that I’ve been sitting on this unopened Bishoujo statue for so long. Normally that would be true for any of Koto’s ladies, but in this case I’ve been waiting for Zatanna to appear in this line since the day I started collecting it and that was almost thirty statues ago.


We’ve seen Koto’s Marvel and DC Bishoujo boxes here many times and it’s still a treat. The statue comes in a white box with plenty of Shunya Yamashita’s wonderful art and some shots of the statue itself on the back. You get windows on the front, top, and side panels to let you look at the actual goods as well. The statue comes nestled between to clear plastic trays and everything is, as always, collector friendly. I would probably build an accent wall out of all my empty Bishoujo boxes if they weren’t all different sizes.


You also get a little teaser of the up and coming Black Canary release. I’m really going to have to clear some more shelves for this collection. But enough with the preamble, let’s get this gal out. There’s virtually no assembly required. Just place the wand in Zatanna’s hand and she’s all ready for display.




I’ve had a thing for Zatanna for as long as I can remember. Is it the fishnets and heels? The tight frilly top and jacket? Maybe it’s just the whole package, but whatever it is, this statue hits all the right points. Zatanna stands on one leg with the other foot kicking back, she’s turning to one side and holding out her top hat in her right hand while her left hand flourishes her magic wand over her head. It’s a positively perfect pose for this magical lady and I don’t think I would dare change a thing.




The sculpted outfit is one of the more elaborate ones we’ve seen in either the DC or Marvel comics ranges of this line and Koto really went wild on it. Her white blouse features the frilly front and french cut sleeves, accompanied by dainty white gloves. The tight yellow vest is tugging at its buttons and the jacket features a red rose on her lapel and the coat tails licking up behind her. What’s more each layer of her clothing is sculpted to hang loose independently and display a lot of depth.



From the waist down we get her iconic fishnets (yes, real ones!) and a pair of black thigh high boots. Now, far be it from me to question Koto’s design, but the one thing I might have changed on this statue would be to nix the boots and display her fishnets down to a pair of heels. I’m guessing, however, they did what they did to to minimize the fishnets. With that being said, the fishnets look great, with a rather neat seam running down the back of her legs and avoiding the pitfalls Mattel had with these types of stockings in their DC action figures. And hey, the boots look dead sexy and great, it’s just a matter of personal taste.



The portrait is everything I’ve come to expect from this line. Zatanna is adorable and features razor sharp paint apps for her blue eyes and red lips. The hair is also an exceptional sculpt, splaying out in all directions. This may be one of the line’s best coifs!


The base is a simple gold disc with a “Z” embossed on it in a rather Art Deco style. It’s classy and it looks great, much like Zatanna herself! This is one of the few examples where the statue is not readily removable from the base, as her one foot is actually screwed in there.



I paid a straight $65 for this lovely lady, which is on the high end for my Bishoujo fix, but then I’m not messing around and waiting for them to become scarce either. Besides, when you look at what sixty-five bones is buying you these days when it comes to collector statues, the craftsmanship on display here still makes it a solid value. And yes, I’m still very much behind on my Bishoujo pick ups. Sakura from Street Fighter and Tekken’s Anna Williams are still calling to me. Gotta get on that…

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