Star Wars Black (The Force Awakens): Captain Phasma by Hasbro

As literally everyone knows by now, the new Star Wars film hits tomorrow, so I’m hijacking the rest of the week to look at a bunch of figures from The Force Awakens. Yeah, that means no Transformers Thursday or DC Friday and I’ll likely be taking the Star Wars content right through the weekend. I thought it only fitting to start off with that one elusive figure that has been so hard to find for so many collectors and especially for me. You see, I’ve been a patient little collector. After pre-ordering Wave 2 of The Black Series’ Force Awakens figures, I’ve been seeing them everywhere. That is all but Captain Phasma. And so for weeks now, I’ve been leaving the other three figures on the pegs, knowing that if I bought them and cancelled my pre-order, I’d probably never get everyone’s favorite chromed Stormtrooper Commander. Thankfully, the waiting has paid off and the assortment landed on my doorstep this week as my last Pile of Loot for 2015.


Phasma comes in the same kind of window box we saw used for the first assortment. The red they added for the TFA figures really jazzes up the Black Series packaging, but I don’t think the diminished window space was value added. Of course, the little blurb on the back about the character tells us nothing we don’t already know about her, which is… well, pretty much nothing. Quite frankly, I love this time before the film hits when we get to speculate about the characters, even if sometimes the reality doesn’t live up to what I work up in my head.


I’ve got to go all unconventional here and start with the paint. I was almost certain that I was going to be let down by the paint on this figure. And no, I wasn’t expecting anything like an actual chromed out vac-metal finish. Hasbro has used some truly awful looking silver plastic in the past. Just look at that Legends Ultron from the Iron Monger BAF Wave. However, I’m very pleased to say that the finish on the armor looks quite nice in hand. It looks closer to that wonderful stuff they used for Generations Leader Class Megatron. It has a really beautiful brushed steel quality that looks rather akin to a suit of medieval armor. There are a few scuffs here and there, but nothing bad and the black applications are reasonably sharp.


Of course, the other reason I started with the paint is because the sculpt here is going to be readily familiar to anyone who has already picked up the 6-inch Black First Order Stormtrooper. No, the sculpt is not identical, there are some subtle differences, particularly in the codpiece and on the lower leg armor, but there are probably more similarities than not. It is still, however, a brand new mold because Phasma does stand a good head taller than her troopers. The only real big addition is the cape, which looks great on the figure and sports some nice sculpted detail, including what appear to be patches. The painted red trim on my figure’s cape is a bit sloppy, but not terrible. The cape is theoretically removable by doing a head pop, but my Phasma’s noggin is on there pretty good and I didn’t want to risk snapping the neck post by trying.


Speaking of noggins, Phasma’s helmet is the other fairly big departure from her rank and file subordinates. It’s less rounded along the edges and adds some sculpted striping to the dome.


The articulation here is right in line with the regular Stormtroopers, but here’s a quick rundown anyway. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, have swivels just above the thigh armor, double hinges in the knees, and both hinges and lateral rockers in the ankles. There’s a ball joint in the torso, right below the chest armor, and a ball joint in the neck. Articulation is good on paper, but as with the regular Stormtroopers, the armor can render some of these points rather restrictive, most noticeably for me in the hips. I wouldn’t call it disappointing, because it’s exactly what I expected, but when I play around with her articulation, I always want her to be able to do just a little bit more.




Phasma comes with one accessory and that’s her blaster. It appears to be a repaint of the weapon released with the Snowtrooper, giving it the longer stock. The detail on this gun is great and the gold and black deco looks snazzy. It’s still a little too rubbery for my liking, but I guess that’s better than having pieces snap off of it. The weapon features a tab so that it can be secured to Phasma’s right thigh when not in use, just like we saw with the Stormtroopers.




I can’t express enough how relieved I am to finally have Phasma in my collection and I’m thankful we’ve got e-tailers out there who will sell complete waves instead of just cherry picking the good stuff out and marking them up. This is a great looking figure that’s only held back by some of the hindered points of articulation, and if you know me then you know that such things are not often a big concern for me. Now, whether or not the character will be worth all the bother is yet to be seen. And from what we’re hearing, we may have to wait for the next movie for Captain Phasma to get some real screen time. It’s unlikely that I’ll get out to see the film until early next week, but I’ll confess that my excitement is building a little more with each day.


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