Masters of the Universe Classics: Lord Masque by Mattel

A week or so ago I featured what I thought would be my last new carded figure from the Masters Classics line. Then I realized that while I didn’t sub Eternia 2.0, I did sub a Collector’s Choice series that I completely forgot even existed. Good thing, I didn’t buy Lord Masque off the site, because he’s the first figure in this Sub that I didn’t even remember buying into and at prices like these, I sure didn’t need two of him. Yeah, I know I also said in that feature that I’d look at the first version of Classics He-Ro next. Don’t worry, I’ll get to him soon.


Oh, look! It’s this packaging again! From the front it looks identical to what we’ve been seeing all along, but if you flip it around, you’ll see no more bio cards. They were never a big part of the line for me, so I’m not bummed about it. You’ll also notice that while Masque is holding the sword and shield he comes packaged with, they aren’t meant for him. But more on that later…


Yay, I own all of these figures! The “Evil Servant of Shokoti,” Lord Masque hails from a Filmation cartoon two-parter called “The House of Shokoti” where he paired up with Trap Jaw to bring back his evil mistress, or something like that. Shokoti was released a little while back in the Filmation Mini-Sub and now the two characters are finally together.


Masque is a pretty cool looking guy. From the neck down he’s fairly standard Masters Classic design. We’ve seen those scalloped greaves before, but they suit the character well. The pearlescent white used for the gauntlets, belt, and chest piece add a nice splash of brightness to an otherwise dreary deco. There’s some nice texturing included in the cross straps on the chest and the thigh straps that make them convincing as leather pieces.


The cape hangs around the figure’s neck, but is worn off the shoulders and cascades down almost to the ground. It’s pretty stiff, but there’s enough play at the neck to pull it back so it doesn’t inhibit action poses all that badly. It’s also separate from the hood.


The portrait is easily the most distinctive thing about Masque, as his name suggests! The design is also a great example of how the Filmation series cribbed quite a lot of designs that had a Star Wars flavor. It’s a relatively simple sculpt, but it’s quite faithful to the Filmation art and it looks great on a Classics figure. Because the hood is sculpted separately from the cape, you can still get a decent amount of articulation out of that ball joint in the neck.



As hinted at earlier, the accessories are intended for New Adventures He-Man, a figure I don’t own. Until I inevitbaly hunt him down, I’ll likely let Masque keep these. The sword features a silver futuristic guard and a translucent green energy blade and hilt. I think it suits him fairly well. The shield has the same silver and translucent deco to make them a matched set. I suppose the “HM” logo on the shield can kind of work as just an “M” for Masque, although I don’t think I’ll end up displaying him with the shield, just the sword. I can’t fault Matty for not giving Masque anything of his own. All he did in the episode was just turn into black smoke or shape shift into a disguise. That having been said, a spare mask with a notch to stick He-Man’s sword into it would have been cool.




Back when I was confused and thought that this was a figure in the Eternia 2.0 line, I was a little bummed that I wasn’t going to get him. He may have been a mostly forgettable one-off character in the series, but he makes for a great addition to my shelves, and I’m glad things turned out in my favor. One of the cooler things about Eternian lore to me was that in addition to Skeletor’s band of evil kooks, you also had all of these other free agents running around trying to be bosses of their own. Yeah, Masque might have been a toady for Shokoti, but when they first revealed him, I was pretty sure they might be grooming him to be competition for Skeletor. If I had a figure of him as a kid, I’m sure that’s how I would have played with him.

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