Femme Fatales “DC Animated Series:” Wonder Woman by Diamond Select

It’s DC Friday again and today I’m dipping back into the “DC Animated Series” of Diamond’s Femme Fatales statues. While still a relatively new line, DST has been cranking these out like crazy and have recently even announced that they’ll be expanding it to include Marvel characters before the end of the year. Today’s release, Wonder Woman comes from Justice League Unlimited, the follow up series to what I still consider to be the best animated treatment of a comic property ever. Yeah, it really is that good.


The boxes for this series are simple and effective and hasn’t changed much since Femme Fatales started. The statue comes nestled between two plastic trays and can be viewed clearly through the windows on the front, side, and top panels. DST has been changing the deco up a little to match the animated series the subject is based on, and in this case you get the Justice League Unlimited logo on the front. The back panel features a shot of the statue and a blurb about the character. Everything is collector friendly and the statue comes assembled and ready for display.


Diamond went fairly conservative with the composition here. Wonder Woman stands with one leg up on a broken pillar with her golden lasso in one hand and the other hanging by her side. Diana’s Captain Morgan impersonation isn’t going to win any awards for originality, but I still like it a lot. It’s heroic and noble and totally suits what Wonder Woman is all about.





In keeping with the animated theme, the statue features minimal detail. With that having been said, just about every detail here is achieved with both sculpt and paint, right down to the stars and crest on her costume. The portrait is particularly well done, complete with her star earrings and her windblown hair.



I’ve been lucky so far with the paint quality in this series. It seems to be a little inconsistent, but so far I’ve had few major complaints. In the case of Wonder Woman here, however, I do have one. Her right eye isn’t filled out all the way to the bottom. It doesn’t look googly or anything, just unfinished. It’s not enough to ruin the piece for me, but it’s definitely noticeable, particularly when viewed up close. The rest of the statue’s paint is perfectly acceptable. The details on the costume remain inside the sculpted lines and while there are some visible brush strokes on the white trim of her boots, it’s not something that I’m going to get upset about.


The base is a solid effort. It looks like she’s standing amidst ruins in Themyscira. The paint and texturing on the piece of marble pillar looks especially good. The ground itself looks more like a melted brownie to me, but it’s not bad. Considering the bases we got with the two versions of Supergirl, I’d say this is still a step up.




Wonder Woman set me back $40, which is around the low end of retail for this series. However, they are notorious for dropping in price on the secondary market. Some of my earliest Femme Fatale statues were purchased at the $25 range. I’m not sure if that’ll hold true for the DC properties because quite frankly there should be a lot more demand for these than for the series’ earlier indie comic content like Darkchylde and Dawn, let alone their original creations. Apart from the flubbed eye, I’d say this is among the best releases in the series so far, but then I haven’t had many quibbles with any of them so far. I will note that the scale does feel way off, especially when displaying Wonder Woman beside either of the Supergirl variants, but that’s not something that bugs me too much. As for future releases… Harley Quinn is available right now (I’m still on the fence over picking up that one) and Catwoman should be dropping right around the time this Feature posts, so you can be sure I’ll be revisiting this line in the not too distant future.

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