Vitruvian HACKS: Medusa and Coral Gorgon by Boss Fight Studios

Last week I tackled half of my initial shipment from Boss Fight Studio’s Vitruvian HACKS Kickstarter with the Spartan and Cursed Spartan. Today, I’m checking out the second half of this first wave. There’s a lot to cover here, so I’m going to dive right in and look at some snake ladies!



Once again, the figures come in collector friendly blister cards that allow you to bend back the edges, slide out the card and get at the goods without damaging anything. You can keep the pristine card all by itself or just return the figure to the bubble and keep the whole shebang. I’m not one for keeping packages, but with presentation this nice, I’ll be hanging on to these. Each of the Gorgons have custom card art and blurbs about them on the back of the card along with shots of all the other figures in the series that you can collect. Let’s start out with Medusa, the Cursed Gorgon Sister!


Wow, this is a unique and wonderful looking figure. From the waist up, she’s all woman. Below the equator, she’s all snake. The humanoid part of the buck is very nice and includes sculpted muscles in the abs and armor on the chest and shoulder as well as a wrist bracer on her right arm. She also wears a belt rig slung loose on her hips with a loop for her dagger on the right and an armor plate on the left. The sculpting and paint on the armor pieces represents some great work and gives it a realistic, worn patina and pitting. The tiny sculpted leather rigging that holds the shoulder armor is above and beyond for figures in this 4-inch scale.



The snake tail includes six ball jointed segments with overlapping snake skin plates that make for a pretty well articulated tail that can support the figure in a surprising number of poses, whether coiled flat, tail up, or extended out behind her. There’s a lovely bit of sculpt around the back of the torso where the snake scales taper off to become regular flesh. Below that, the scales are individually sculpted on the back of the tail and the painted patterns look amazing. The creepy appendage is topped off with a large rattle.


Insert ex-girlfriend joke here. This gruesome portrait is spectacular. Her mouth is open in mid scream, exposing her forked tongue and pearly whites. She has red, pupil-less eyes and her forehead shows some faint scaling. The head is topped off with a grizzly mop of snakes.


In addition to the segmented tail, the upper half of the figure includes all the articulation we saw in the Spartan male bucks, which suffice it to say is quite good. You also get a pair of extra hands included with both of the Gorgons, as well as the standard Boss Fight Studio figure stands which, in the case of these legless lasses, are totally useless. But hey… free figure stands!



Medusa comes with two weapons, a dagger and a whip. Both accessories look like they are fashioned from bone, or spinal columns to be precise. Actually, the whip looks like it might just be a snake skeleton right down to the tiny skull that makes up the pommel of the grip. Either weapon can be held in either hand and the dagger can be carried through the loop on the figure’s right hip. Quite frankly, I could gush on and on about this figure, but we’ve still got another to look at, so let’s move on to the Coral Gorgon…


While we’re dealing with the same basic buck, there are so many changes here that the Coral Gorgon feels like a fresh figure. And nothing against Medusa, she’s awesome, but this Coral Gorgon is sporting one hot and sexy deco. You get a deep reddish-brown with some lovely black and yellow stripes, not only on the tail, but also on the biceps. Coral is also wearing armor consisting of a full chest and back plate with sculpted muscles and very similar to the style and color worn by the Spartan Warrior, only clearly designed with the female form in mind. She’s also got a pair of matching wrist bracers. The bright luster of the bronze armor is gorgeous when paired with this deco.


The tail has the same great articulation, but the rattler at the tip is replaced with just a standard taper. The coloring here really picks out the detail in the sculpted scales wonderfully.



The head is shrouded in a remarkable animal skull helmet with the spinal cord slinking down the figure’s back. It’s a fantastic piece for this, or any scale and it is easily removed to offer a better look at the head itself.


NOPE!!!  Egads, I don’t know why, but I find this portrait to be a thousand times creepier than Medusa’s. Not sure if it’s the bald head, the giant yellow eyes, or the exposed fangs, but this is some serious nightmare fuel. QUICK, PUT THE HELMET BACK ON!




Coral Gorgon comes with a sword and a shield, both of which are made to look like stone. Maybe she snatched them off the bodies of petrified victims? The shield appears to be the same gorgeous piece of kit that came with the Cursed Stone Spartan, whereas the sword is unique in this initial assortment. I have the same difficulty getting the figure’s hand to properly clutch the grip on the shield, but it’s not really necessary here, since the bracers lock into the sleeve a lot better and hold the shield securely without the hand in place.


As great as the Spartans were, these Gorgons are the real showpieces of this initial assortment. And while Medusa is an absolute classic and a figure that I so badly wanted back when I was a young lad playing with my Clash of the Titan figures, I think the Coral Gorgon edges her out a bit with her gorgeous and distinctive deco and downright creepy helmet and face sculpt. Either way, I’m starting to regret not picking up more of the Gorgons. I have six more figures coming to me, and none of them are Gorgons. WHAT HAVE I DONE??? Well, with pre-orders still open, I think I may have to remedy that.




Of course, I will be back to look at more of these figures as soon as they arrive on my doorstep, but I’ll conclude by paying the best compliment I can to a Kickstarter. Boss Fight Studios delivered here on everything they promised. It might have taken longer than anyone could have expected, but in the end, when the figures are in hand and they are this spectacular, it’s hard to come away with anything other than satisfaction. I’m all the more anxious to get the rest of my order, and super excited to see what the Fantasy Series is going to look like, because I’ll be a proud backer of that one as well.

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