Creator X Creator (One Piece): Nami “Sea Nymph” Figure by Banpresto

For a long while, One Piece was my go-to show for when I came back from The Pub at 2am drunk out of my mind. I don’t think I’ve actually seen an episode sober and I don’t think I’ve ever picked up a piece of One Piece merchandise while sober either. Actually, scratch that… there was the dreaded Bootleg Nami Statue Incident, but that was an exception to the rule and it still hurts so I don’t want to talk about it. Anyway, I recently grabbed a couple of Nami statues off of Amazon while simmering in a Jameson-induced state and I thought I’d open one of these up and take a look today…


This “Sea Nymph” inspired Nami is part of Banpresto’s Creator X Creator line and dubbed a “Deluxe” (DX) figure, which I presume is to separate it from the lower end prize figures. Although this piece is pretty low end itself, so I guess I should say to separate it from the lower-lower end prize figures. I’m honestly out of my element here, so that’s a lot of presuming on my end. What I can say for sure is that the statue comes in an entirely enclosed box, which is conspicuous because I’m used to seeing window boxes, even on the cheaper statues like this one and it made me all the more worried about what I was going to find inside. Well, inside is the most utilitarian packing for any import statue I’ve picked up. It’s just pieces of cardboard and plastic bags.


But once I got her free of the packing and all set up, this is what I’m dealing with… The intrepid navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami is posed swimming beneath the waves in a very skimpy bikini and looking not bad at all. She’s about 5 1/2-inches tall on her base, which makes her smaller than the 1/7 or 1/8 scale of most of my anime-inspired statue collection, but she’s certainly not tiny. The pose has her arching her back, showing off two of her finest assets, and with her legs kicking up behind her making the statue best viewed from slightly above level.



Nami features some smooth and even skin tones, which is nice because there certainly is a lot of skin showing here. Her blue tattoo is neatly printed on her left bicep and her bracelets are present on the same arm. The bikini, what there is of it, is a shimmery white with sculpted strings tied on either of her hips and on on her back. The portrait is pretty simple and a little upstaged by her rather striking fiery red hair, which fans out a bit behind her head.


Her base is a sculpted pedestal of aquatic coral that firmly cradles her legs so the figure can be picked up and replaced with ease.


Lastly, you get a pair of optional flippers that slide right onto her feet and really complete the look.


When it comes to the often bitter fruits of Drunk Amazon Browsing, I’d say this purchase was a success. Sure, I didn’t neeeed this statue, but considering it cost just under $13 shipped(!), it’s hard to complain. Quite frankly, I was expecting a piece of crap, and what I got is actually a quite decent figure. The quality of the plastic is good and while the paint on the bikini is rather thin and susceptible to scratching, the overall quality of the paintwork is excellent. If I had an aquarium this would be a pretty cool decoration to sink to the bottom of it. Dammit, now I want an aquarium. Anyway, as I mentioned coming in, I picked up this one with another Nami figure, which I’ll try to get around to looking at next weekend.

2 comments on “Creator X Creator (One Piece): Nami “Sea Nymph” Figure by Banpresto

  1. You only watch One Piece when drunk? Based on how many episodes that show has I am surprised your liver still functions.

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