Eiyuu Senhime Gold: Hero Princess Tutankhamun PVC Figure by QuesQ

Today I’m checking out my first PVC figure from QuesQ, a company that has done work with some anime properties that interest me, like Attack on Titan (but who hasn’t?) and Arpeggio of Blue Steel (not much out there from that series), as well as some game franchises that are rather obscure here in the States like Eiyuu Senhime Gold. I’m always a bit apprehensive about going in with a new manufacturer without ever having seen their figures in person, but here’s one where I was willing to roll the dice.



The figure comes in a rather compact box with a nice Egyptian themed deco and windows on the front and top to allow for a peek at the goods inside. Alas, my box is a little crunched up on top, but I got such a good deal on this one that I’m not concerned about it. The figure comes sandwiched between two clear plastic sleeves and while she can come apart at the waist and neck, the figure come assembled. You just have to peg her into the base and put her staff in her hand and she’s ready to go. At approximately 1/8 scale she stands exactly 8-inches, including the base.




All set up, this young lady looks gorgeous. If you’re not familiar with the game, Eiyuu Senhime Gold, you’re in good company. I only learned about the first time I saw this figure and I rather fell in love with the game’s character art. It’s billed as a strategy game, but it sounds like it’s equal parts visual novel. You’re out to conquer the world and up against some of the most famous rulers in history… and all of them happen to be adorable chicks, because… reasons… and Japan… and reasons. Obviously, this little lady is Tutankhamun. Just go with it.




I think it was a combination of the bishoujo style, the Egyptian theme, and the rather wonderful composition that made me take notice of this figure. The lingering pose reminds me a lot of my Lineage II Elf, another figure I own based off a Japanese game that I knew nothing about. Lady Tut is clad in a very simple white dress that’s blowing up just enough to give you a hint of a little sumthin-sumthin going on underneath. It’s tied at the waist with a red sash from which dangles a metallic blue ankh on her left hip. I dig the way they did the myriad of bangles on her wrists and ankles, each with three of them sculpted in series and one left loose to dangle. Her left hand is raised to her cheek and her right hand drags behind her holding her blue and gold staff. The skin tone is orange, which adds to her exotic look and suggests that she possibly eats a lot of carrots.



The portrait is fantastic. I love the way her sculpted bangs hang way over her face, but it’s her eyes that really get me. The striking tones of blue and purple paint are quite mesmerizing.



You also get this fabulous headdress that resembles a giant blue eye set in a golden frame with chains of gold medallions draping around her head.


The base is an extremely simple raised disk, cast in a rose colored plastic with the name inscribed across the front. The figure pegs into it quite easily. Oh yeah, and because the figure does come apart, if you’re really keen on seeing what’s going on under that skirt, it happens to come off…



Yup. She’s got a dainty little modesty cloth in the front and a cute little gold bird around back.



Everything about this piece makes me happy I bought it, but that brings us to price. Granted, the sculpt and paintwork on this figure are practically flawless, but the original retail on this little lady was a whopping $150 and as impressed as I am with her, I just can’t see the justification there. And I’m not someone who isn’t adverse to spending some money on a well-crafted anime honey, as evidenced by some of the money I’ve thrown at MegaHouse and Orchid Seed. I’ll leave Kotobukiya out of it, because quite frankly I think a lot of their figures are worth more than the initial asking price. Nonetheless, price was the reason I admired Ms Tut here from afar until I was ultimately able to get a nice deal on her at about $55. I’d like to sit here and say that I feel she’s worth three times that, but the truth I wouldn’t have been as satisfied with her had I gone much higher.

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