League of Legends: Jinx 1/10 Scale Figure by Xin Hao

I buy figures from games I don’t play. Wow, it feels good to get that off my chest! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an intentional collecting trend, but there are just times when I’m having a couple of drinks, feeling fine, browsing some e-tailers late at night, and I see stuff that I dig despite never having spent any time with the game its based on. League of Legends… I know what it is, I’ve seen people play it, I don’t have any interest in it, but the character designs sure seem fun and my Twitter feed is usually graced a couple times a day with pictures of chicks cosplaying as Jinx. So when I saw this statue, I pulled the trigger.


So first off, who the f’ck makes this thing? Seriously, I had to flip the thing over and see it printed on the bottom as Xin Hao, a company that I never heard of. The website listed is Xinhaowanju and trying to visit there lit up all sorts of warnings on my browser. And why the hell is there a God Eater 2 logo on the back of the box? That’s an entirely different god damn game from Ban Dai. This is also the cheapest feeling box I’ve ever encountered… and check this shit out…


All of this, plus the fact that this figure was dirt cheap spells horrible piece of crap Chinese bootleg to me. The funny thing is I couldn’t find anyone selling the same statue from a familiar company that this would be a bootleg of. It’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle and stuffed inside a mystery. So let’s get her opened up and find out what horrible piece of shit I just bought.



OK, so despite the shady box and unknown manufacturer, this is actually a damn nice figure. I’ve been stuck with bootleg figures before and the one thing I’ve noticed is they’re never subtle in the shitty-ness of their quality. Jinx, who strikes me as the video game equivalent of Harley Quinn… unless you count the Arkham games and then Harley Quinn is the video game equivalent of Harley Quinn… strikes a pose that I’ve seen before on art work proliferated around the Interwebs. She has a wide stance with her right hand sliding back through her hair and her left hand resting on her sidearm. She’s loaded with her signature weapons and her long braids snake down her back to the base. She stands about 9 1/2-inches from the bottom of the base to the top of Fishbones.



This young lady is beautifully sculpted, suitably hefty (at least for a PVC piece) and the paint is quite good, with only a few minor stray marks. The flesh tone has a very slight waxy sheen to it, which is something that you don’t usually see in the legit imports, but it’s not bad at all. The last bootleg I got stuck with looked like it was sculpted from human earwax. The skin here is smooth and even. There is, however, a seam running down the middle of her hair, which would probably have been avoided by one of the better figure producers out there. The coloring on this figure is wonderfully vibrant and beautiful. From the bright blue of her hair to the metallic pink of her stocking and BFG, both balanced out by some black.


I really dig the blue printed tattoos running down her right side and arm. They’re a little more subtle than they look under the studio lights. You can see some of the nice sculpted quilting on her leg strap and the pink short-shorts peaking out from under all that gear. Each of the tiny bullets and fixtures on her belts are painted and I love the little loving touches like the band aids on her left knee.


The portrait is pretty simple. She’s winking and her hair is partially covering up her right hand. The paint on the eyes, eyebrows and lips are all nice and sharp. All in all, it’s a pretty subdued look for a bat-shit crazy chick, but I still like it. And speaking of crazy… this chick sure loves her weapons and this figure doesn’t disappoint.


First off you have Fishbones, her shark-themed rocket launcher. This mammoth piece of killing hardware tabs into her left shoulder and holds in place very well despite it’s size and weight. Fishbones has a nice metallic silver and gray finish with some additional paint and details and a translucent red plug inside his mouth.


Next up, Jinx has Pow-Pow, her hot pink Mini-Gun slung over her shoulders and worn across her back. This piece is actually supported by her shoulder strap, but it’s also attached to the back of the figure to keep it in place.


Finally, her left hand wrests on the grip of Zapper, her shock pistol. It’s a combination of gold paint and translucent turquoise plastic.


Not to be outdone by Jinx’s wild outfit and colors, the base is a large oval with white crackling energy patterns across a black backdrop. Her name is graffiti-ed in hot pink paint between her feet along with “The Shooter.” The figure actually comes off the base when you open her, but she pegs in very securely.


Jinx was one of those, “Click Buy-It-Now And Hope For The Best” scenarios.  At $30 shipped, I was all but certain that I was going to get ripped off by some piece of garbage. I even searched around to try to find a “legit” version of this piece and I probably would have paid twice as much for. As it turns out, this seems to be the Real McCoy and I’m absolutely delighted with what I got. Yes, she has a few minor paint flubs that wouldn’t have been acceptable on a Kotobukiya piece, but there’s nothing even remotely bad here and at this price it’s hard to argue. Jinx is a great figure of a very colorful character design (from a game I’ll never bother to play) and she’s going to look fantastic on one of my import figure shelves.

4 comments on “League of Legends: Jinx 1/10 Scale Figure by Xin Hao

  1. Hi there! Thanks for this review. Like you, I have been wondering whether Xin Hao is another Chinese company that just sell bootlegged versions of original merchandise from legit anime and figures producers. There are a lot of Xin Hao figures that I really like to purchase so I also did my research if there are original Japanese versions of them because if they do, I would definitely get the real one rather than spending for something fake. However, to my surprise, most of them are original sculpts of Xin Hao and not just cheap-looking cloned figures. Reading your nice review, made me decided to give some worth buying Xin Hao figures a try. Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Looks like you lucked out big-time. This figure is really nice. I recently saw a review of an Overwatch D.Va figure they make – it was ass. Broken parts, sloppy paint etc etc.

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