Marvel Legends (Red Onslaught Wave): Taskmaster by Hasbro

It took well over a month of Marvel Mondays, but I’m finally at the last packaged figure in the Red Skull/Onslaught Wave! And yes, I saved my most anticipated figure for last. Although with how great Demolition Man/Scourge turned out he’s going to be a tough act to follow. Let’s look at Taskmaster!


This is the last time we’ll be seeing the packaging from this wave, but I’ll bet you the next wave I look at won’t be much different. I know because I’m looking at them all stacked in the corner. Taskmaster comes in a standard window box and it is totally collector friendly. There’s a good deal of stuff packed in there, including the Red Skull head for the Onslaught Build-A-Figure. It’s also the last part I need to cobble that big boy together.


So, this isn’t my Taskmaster, but I knew that coming in. I do, however, think it’s a great looking figure. I had to do a little digging to find out that this design is based off of his appearance in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, a show that I have never seen. Obviously, I would have preferred something a little more classic in design, but there are enough common elements here to make this work for me. The buck feels a little slight to me for the character, but that might be because I’m used to seeing him with a large billowy cape. The figure includes a nice mix of painted buck and original sculpting. The legs are heavily armored and feature a silver plastic. There is a little of that swirly effect in the plastic, which I’m not overly fond of, but here it just looks like brushed steel, so I don’t mind it. Similar armor appears on the forearms, and you get sculpted elbow and knee pads, and some kick-ass boots. Literally. I mean, I think he kicks people in the ass with these boots.


Taskmaster features both a waist belt and a shoulder rig, each of which are separate pieces. The belt has sculpted pouches and a sweet little belt buckle. The shoulder straps have sculpted guns in the holsters. Usually guns sculpted in the holsters piss me off, but in this case, it would have been tough to do removable guns in the shoulder rigs without it looking too big and awkward. The paint here shares a similar deco with Scourge of black, silver, and white only here it’s more evenly balanced out. Everything is pretty sharp and clean, and I especially like the silver painted fingers.


You get two portraits for the figure. The stock head is closer to the classic Taskmaster with only with the skull silver with a little gold mixed in, instead of white. The skull mask is a brilliant piece of sculpting and the hood is sculpted separately from soft plastic and permanently attached to the head.


The other option is the Udon designed head. This is also a really nice looking piece, and while I prefer the workmanship and look of the classic head on it’s own, I have to sadly admit that to me, the Udon head’s style fits this body much better.



The articulation here is top notch. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders and wrists, double hinges in the knees, and swivels in the biceps. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, have double hinges in the knees, and swivels in the biceps. The ankles are on rotating hinges, but also feature lateral rocking movement. The torso has a swivel at the waist and an ab crunch hinge in the chest. Lastly, the head is ball jointed and hinged.



In addition to his extra head, Taskmaster comes with his shield and an energy sword. I assumed the shield would be a repaint Cap shield, but it’s totally smooth on the back, so I think it’s new. The paintwork on the front is damn near perfect and you get the familiar hinged clip and peg on the back so he can wear it on his back or equip it on his wrist.



The sword has a sculpted black hilt, and while the orange blade is rather soft and gummy, it does catch the light quite nicely.




Like his fellow “Mercenary of Mayhem,” Scourge, Taskmaster is a figure that really makes me stop and realize what a great time it is to be collecting Marvel 6-inch. As solid as many of the Legends figures are, it’s easy to take them for granted, especially when the pegs seem to be getting flooded with new ones every couple of months. But Scourge and Taskmaster are figures that just come together so beautifully, and are so damn fun to play with, that I need to just smile and say, “Thanks, Hasbro. You guys make a lot of stumbles, but you’re really kicking ass when it comes to Marvel Legends. Please, don’t ever stop.” Next Monday, I’ll finally put this wave to bed with a look at the Red Skull/Onslaught Build-A-Figure!

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