Marvel Legends (Absorbing Man Wave): Speed Demon by Hasbro

Greetings Toyhounds, and welcome back to another Marvel Monday, wherein I attempt to soothe the sting of Monday’s misery by opening another Marvel Legends figure. Today puts me three figures into the Absorbing Man Wave. Morbius and Jack O’Lantern were excellent, and today we’re moving on with yet another baddie, Speed Demon! 


Speed Demon shares a spot with Beetle as the “Superior Foes of Spider-Man.” While the names of these shared slots are usually just schlock, in this case we actually get characters drawn from the book of the same name, which is something that I dig a lot. And it’s nice to see that Hasbro didn’t release him under his other alias, The Whizzer, because that just sounds like someone who likes to urinate in public places. A villainous act? Yes, but hardly worth the attention of Spidey or The Avengers? Anyway, Squadron Supreme, Sinister Six, even sometime member of The Thunderbolts, James Sanders has a pretty rock solid resume. Did I mention he comes with Silvermane’s head on a toy car? Hell,  yeah! Let’s open these guy’s up!


I’m usually terrible about recognizing and identifying the re-used bucks on these figures, but this one jumped out right away as the one used for Superior Spider-Man. It might just be because I love that figure and play around with it a lot. Either way, it’s a good choice for a speedster. as it’s quite lean and very well articulated. The only point of contention I would have are the rather flat feet. But hey… fists!


As expected, Speed Demon’s costume is achieved entirely through paintwork. He has a pleasing red and dark blue deco with some gold stripes and lightning bolts. The paint quality is sharp and clean, and yeah, we still get those annoying white production numbers on the back of the leg.


Hasbro clearly has a good time with their villain head sculpts. They seem to always be brimming with personality, and that’s certainly the case here. Speed Demon sports a cheesy grin as well as his red goggles. The facial features are a little on the soft side, but still a solid effort.




Articulation here is a little better than your average Legends figure, thanks to the additional lateral hinges in the shoulders. Otherwise, you get rotating hinges in the shoulders, and wrists, double hinges in the elbows and knees, and swivels in the biceps and thighs. The ankles feature both hinges and lateral rockers. The torso has a waist swivel and an ab crunch hinge. The neck is both ball jointed and hinged. Speed Demon’s hinges are all nice and tight and even feature some ratcheting.


An addition to Mr. Creel’s torso, Speed Demon comes with a pair of flat hands for running, which definitely takes a page from the last couple of DC’s Flash figures I’ve picked up. These seem to have become must-have extras included with speedsters. And of course you get this…



Silvermane’s head mounted on an RC Car as a direct nod to Superior Foes of Spider-Man #3. I don’t think I could adequately put into words how much I adore this thing or how much quirky love it shows on Hasbro’s part for including it. It features a fully realized head sculpt of Silvermane mounted on a ball joint and he looks suitably angry to be suffering such a humiliation. It’s a great sculpt, although mine has a few stray bits of paint on the forehead, which is all the more infuriating for Silvermane, since he can’t wipe himself off! The car itself is just a static piece of plastic, the wheels don’t roll and the antenna pulls out a little too easily, but I’m not going to hold any of that against it. In fact, it really makes me realize how badly I’d dig getting a proper Silvermane in that bitchin’ android body of his.



I have a feeling that in terms of character selection, Speed Demon may be low on a lot of collectors’ lists, but I’m very happy to have him. He’s a solid character with a rich history and I am in love with the idea that Hasbro would take a specific book and use it to fill one of these rotating slots. Indeed, it’s made me rather excited to check out Beetle next Monday and I’ve also gone back to the Ultimate Goblin Wave to pick up that Boomerang that I missed. While I’ll admit he isn’t as exciting to look at as Morbius or Jack O’Lantern, I’m still scoring him in the plus column, currently giving this assortment a score of three out of three.

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