Justice League War (DC Animated Movie Series): Green Lantern and Cyborg by DC Collectibles

I had hoped to have the most recent wave of DC Icons for today’s DC Friday, but sadly it arrived a little too late to make my deadline. So today’s consolation prize will be opening up some more figures from the animated film, Justice League War. Some weeks back, I looked at Superman and Wonder Woman, today I’m checking out Green Lantern and Cyborg.


The packaging isn’t anything special, but it is bright and clean. The figures come on a simple card and bubble,which aren’t at all collector friendly. The cards are generic, but have some stills from the film and the inserts and bubbles feature the name of the character inside. The bubbles here really let you inspect a lot of each figure, and I highly recommend giving the paint a good once over if you have the luxury of buying these at retail. Let’s start off with Green Lantern…


Here he is, and we’re not off to a good start, because Hal’s left arm broke off at the elbow when taking him out of the package. Normally, that would earn a fail all on its own, but there’s so much else wrong with his figure, that I think it’s worth pushing on, so I did some temporary arm surgery to get us through the review.



Whenever a company does an animated style figure, the paint is of paramount importance, mainly because the sculpt tends to rely more heavily on the paint for details. And in this case, Hal Jordan makes use of a buck shared with The Flash, so a lot of that extra effort should have gone into some top notch paint work. From the neck down, things aren’t too bad, but there are some notable inconsistencies in the striping, but really everything could have been a lot sharper. Even the power ring, which is kind of a big deal for a Green Lantern, is just a little green square that feels like an afterthought. I actually dig the stylized look of this buck a lot, and I’d imagine that any hobbyist with a basic level of customization skills could have done a much better job. But as sub par as the paint on the costume is, it’s nothing compared to this…


I mean, seriously? There are white splotches all over his face, the hairline looks terrible and the line between the top of his mask and his forehead is just all slop. I don’t even know what’s going on on the top of his lip. It looks like he has a half-shaved blonde mustache. This would be unacceptable even on a 3 3/4-inch figure, but on a 6-inch collector line, there’s just no excuse for it. But then, let’s remember that this figure did break right out of the package.


Articulation, for what it’s worth, features rotating hinges in the shoulders and elbows, ball joints in the neck and hips, and hinges in the knees. Of course, in my case I have to take back one articulation point in the left elbow, because when I do a permanent fix on this guy, it’ll lose that joint. I’ve had enough of this guy, let’s move on to Cyborg…



Cyborg came out of the package without any crippling injuries, and I’ve got to say, he looks pretty good. It can’t be easy to take a complex design like Cyborg and simplify him for an animated model, and then rework that model into an action figure, but I think DCC has pulled it off here. He features a unique buck with some added parts, like the shoulder armor and knee pads, neither of which get int he way of articulation. Overall, I really like the mix of organic curves and angular cybernetic bits. The paint is mostly silver and black, with some red and blue accents, and while it is dirty and scratched in some areas it works OK for me as a version of Cyborg who has been out in action, even if that wasn’t the intention.


The head sculpt is pretty solid for a line that has had more stumbles than victories in that department. The paint is overall solid here as well.



Cyborg features the same level of articulation as the rest of the line and the joints here feel a lot chunkier and solid, particularly in those elbows. It’s serviceable, but there’s only so much he’s going to be able to do with this level of pose-ability.



While it’s true that I’m picking this line up on the cheap (about ten dollars each), the fact is that they originally retailed at $20 a pop. Obviously, Green Lantern doesn’t reflect that kind of price point, even if his arm didn’t break. And while Cyborg is a very cool figure, I’d be hard pressed to justify paying $20 for him either. Indeed, having now opened four of these, my satisfaction is at the 50% mark, with only Wonder Woman and Cyborg so far being worthwhile pick ups. If I hadn’t already grabbed a load of these on clearance, I would probably be ready to stop now, but alas, there’s more to come! Next Friday, I’ll be moving on to those DC Icons figures, and I’ll be saving these Animated Movie figures for filler as I run out of better stuff to look at throughout the rest of the year.

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