Figma “Gargantia on the Verderus Planet” Amy by Max Factory

I find it terribly frustrating when I love an anime and there’s so little merchandising connected to it and that’s certainly been the case with Gargantia. There was potential for several characters to get figures, not to mention Ledo’s mech (which, admittedly did get a rather limited and pricey release), but in the end, Amy was really the only breakout star to get the plastic treatment and even there we just got a statue from MegaHouse and today’s featured Figma figure. Wow, try saying that five times fast! And while I would have loved to get Figmas of Ledo or Bellows, I’ll happily take Amy because she remains such a tremendously endearing character.


The packaging here is fairly typical for the Figma line. It’s a simple window box that manages to be pretty compact, despite the wide range of stuff inside. The deco is a lot more conservative when compared to the Sword Art Online figures. It’s not flashy, but it gets the job done and is totally collector friendly so you have somewhere to store all of those extra goodies. The figure and accessories come on one tray with a second tray for Amy’s hang-glider behind it.


Amy looks as adorable as ever and comes donning her little tribal outfit with cut-off top, skimpy dress, sandals, and shoulder wrap. There’s nothing terribly complex about her costume, but they certainly nailed it for this figure. The shoulder wrap is made of soft plastic and the strap that is meant to hold it on is only attached to one side to give it a little more leeway when posing the arms. The paint here is nice and clean and the skin tones are warm and consistent.




In addition to a whole passel of hands, Amy comes with three different portraits. The standard one features a big open-mouth smile, large beautifully printed eyes and perfectly captures the character. The second has her eyes closed and another big grin, this time showing her sparkly whites. The final one has her looking slightly perturbed, which is about as angry as Amy gets. While three portraits are standard for your average Figma, I would have liked something a little more neutral in there, but then again, I wouldn’t swap out any of the ones she came with to get it. Besides, who am I kidding? The standard face is going to stay on this figure most of the time, anyway.




Amy features your standard Figma articulation, which means it’s pretty damn great. The skirt is a little bit more restrictive to the hips than I would like, but you can still get a decent range of motion out of them. In fact, the only thing I really couldn’t get her to do is stick her hands through the shoulder holes in her wrap like she does a few times in the series. If this was a Figuart, they might have included a pair of static arms to swap in for that pose and it would have been cool, but I’m not going to knock off any points for that. Besides, I don’t even give points!




In addition to all the hands and extra faces, Amy comes with her messenger bag and her faithful little buddy, Grace. The bag is cast as a single piece of plastic with some excellent paintwork. It can be slung comfortably over her shoulder, allowing her to make her deliveries to the different ships throughout the flotilla. Grace the squirrel is a remarkable piece of work simply because she is so damn tiny and yet features so much detail.  She’s posed with one paw stretched ever so slightly out and her bushy tail up.


And then there’s this beauty! Max Factory could have easily packed in everything we’ve seen so far and Amy would have been a solid release, but nope. They decided to cram a whole hang-glider into that box as well as some extra components to the stand to allow for different display options. The glider itself is composed of three pieces that easily tab into each other and can easily be taken apart. There’s a special clear connector that goes into the middle of the glider to hold it up, and a second connector to plug into Amy’s back and clip onto the arm of the stand, allowing it to support both the figure and glider. It’s clever and the whole thing goes well above and beyond.




Amy comes with some gripping hands that can be wrapped around the bars, but I’m happy enough just using her pair of relaxed hands for it.



I think she looks great posed coming in for a landing, but the extra stand bits make it so you can also get her horizontal and in mid flight. Working with all these connectors and getting the figure posed just right can be rather fiddly, but the addition of this glider takes what was a solid release and dials it up even higher.




It should come as no surprise that I adore this figure. Sure, I would love to see more figures from Gargantia, but if they’re only going to focus on one character, then it might as well be Amy. She’s been on the market for a little while now, but unlike a lot of Figmas, her price has remained ridiculously reasonable. I paid $40 for mine, which would have been a great deal even if it weren’t for the giant hang-glider accessory. I honestly feel like I’m in the minority when it comes to my love for this series, and while it’s a shame it doesn’t get more appreciation, at least it means I was able to get this Figma for pretty cheap!

3 comments on “Figma “Gargantia on the Verderus Planet” Amy by Max Factory

  1. I enjoyed the series too. Shame that it didn’t get much attention from viewers or merchandise companies.

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