Mythic Legions: Urkku by The Four Horsemen

It’s the fourth week of what has become Mythic Legions Wednesday here at FFZ. So far we’ve seen some good and evil knights and a skeleton warrior, and today I’m busting out one of the Orcs… let’s have a look at Urkku!


Here’s a quick look at the figure in packaging. You get a generic, yet attractive card with the character’s name on the right side of the bubble insert. The card slides out from the bubble, making everything completely collector friendly. Unlike most of the non-Legion builders, Urkku appears to be a generic name for these warriors and not a specific character. Damn, I wish I got more of him! And since I only have one I’m still going to just call him Urkku. I hope that’s not racist.


As usual, the figure comes packaged without its shoulder armor, which allows for a good look at the first bare chested buck I’ve covered. Indeed, if you’ve been following along from the beginning than you’ll likely note that all the sculpting on this guy is fresh and new, introducing us to some more parts that we’ll see again in the future. The chest, most of the arms, and the upper legs are bare and cast in a very nice shade of green. The musculature and veins are very well defined and we even get some Orc Nipples, if that sort of thing floats your boat. Not judging! Urkku wears a rather large and intricate belt suggesting that he’s the Champion of some kind of Mythic Fighting Legion. Seriously, though, there’s some beautiful sculpting on that belt and it extends to the strips of leather that make up the skirt and the clump of animal fur that forms his loin cloth to protect the modesty of his private Orc bits. All the details on the belt are beautifully painted. The gauntlets and boots are made up of some seriously chunky and vicious-looking segmented plate armor with a particularly satisfying patina of rust and some nicks and scratches in the sculpt. Urkku comes with the same style sword belt as Gideon and Skapular, but you’ll note that I opted to put his on as a shoulder strap.


From the rear, you can see the two peg holes for the shoulder armor as well as the giant tab hole, which hopefully will get put to use someday. You can also get a better look at more of the “leather” straps that hang down from the back of his belt. There’s some nice texturing in all those straps as well as sculpted frayed edges.


The shoulders on this guy are also pieces that we have not seen before, but will most definitely see again. They’re nasty, angular looking pieces that match the boots and gauntlets both in style and in paint finish. Apparently Orcs don’t polish their armor often, which in this case is a good thing, because this is a wonderfully convincing wash of rust and grime.



I’ll note here that Urkku is a figure that I’ve chosen to display using only one piece of shoulder armor. This allows for the chest strap to hold his large sword across his back without any interference. If I keep the right shoulder on, it bumps up against the hilt. I also dig how it looks like the cross strap is holding the shoulder piece in place.



The head sculpt instantly reminds me of Lord of the Rings. The helmet looks like a crudely made piece of armor, as if hundreds of them were beaten out in mass production to quickly equip a disposable army of man-beasts. It only covers the top half of the face, allowing for the mouth and giant bottom teeth to protrude upward. It also displays his giant pointed ears quite nicely. The finish matches the worn and rusted patina of the rest of the armor and there are some nice bits of wear and pitting in the sculpt, as well as a nasty cut in the crest.


Articulation is identical on these figures straight across the board, but just in case this is your first time reading one of these Mythic Legions Features, I’ll still provide a rundown… Urkku features rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. There are also ample rockers in the ankles to steady him for those wide stances. The waist is ball jointed, as is the neck. I had no issues with painted over joints, stuck joints, loose joints or anything of the kind. As always these figures are tons of fun to play with.



Like any good Orc, Urkku comes with plenty of implements to dismember his enemies. For starters, he features this long sword, which is the same sculpted accessory we saw with Gorgo Aetherblade. This one is all painted silver and has that same beautiful rusty finish as the armor. I’ve got a modest collection of real swords, and I have to say they really recreated an authentic looking finish on an antique blade.



Next up, we have the same spear that came with both Gorgo and Skapular. It’s silver with more of that rust finish.




And finally, Urkku wields the same giant axe as Gorgo, repainted in a uniform silver with a rusty finish and with black grips. Once again, you can convert the axe to a double-bladed weapon if you want to give this guy a little more cutting power. I’ll go on record and say that I really dig this version of the axe a lot more than the flashier painted one that came with Gorgo. It just looks like more of an everyday weapon.




Urkku is another beautiful figure and one that I’m especially glad I included in my order. The Tolkien influence is undeniable to me and I’m especially impressed at the coloring and paint on this figure. The green skin is just so vibrant and perfect, and I’m sure I’ve gushed enough about how much I dig the finish on the armor and weapons. I would have loved to have picked up just a couple more of him for troop builders, although there is also a Deluxe Orc, which I’ll get to sooner or later. As I run through the initial crop of Mythic Legions, I’m trying to choose the figures that offer the widest range of characters and newly sculpted parts to give an idea of what a diverse range this is. We’ve now seen representatives from the Knights, Skeletons, and Orcs, next Wednesday we’ll check out the first of the Dwarves.

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