Star Wars “The Force Awakens:” Sidon Ithano and First Mate Quiggold by Hasbro

It’s been a little bit since I looked at anything from Star Wars here on FFZ and even longer since I revisited the 3 3/4-inch line. Yes, I still pick these figures up now and then, and I still have a bit of a backlog waiting to be opened. The truth is it’s been a crazy week at work already (and its only Tuesday!), so I needed something quick and easy for today. Hey, I did a double feature yesterday and the length of that Deadpool review got completely out of control. Anyway, this pair should do nicely for a quickie, and besides, everybody loves Space Pirates!!!


I do believe Hasbro is still referring to these boxed two-packs the Mission Series packs. I really love these window boxes. The branding is colorful and the character art is fantastic. The window gives a great look at the figures, you get a little blurb about each character on the back, and everything is collector friendly. For a couple of 5-POA figures, the presentation here borders on premium. If you don’t recognize these fellas from the film, they’re the aliens at Maz’s Castle that Finn was trying to get a lift from to escape the inevitable spread of The First Order. Let’s start with a look at Sidon Ithano…


I loved the look of this guy in the film, particularly his mask, and it should come as no surprise that he’s got a full Wookipedia article about him. I won’t go into it all, but I will relay that his species is called Delphidian and he has a series of alias’ which include, The Red Raider, The Crimson Corsair, and The Blood Buccaneer.



Hasbro did a nice job recreating Sidon’s distinctive finned helmet. They also packed some nice detail work into the costume. There’s sculpted texturing in both the tunic and the pants. His lower arms and legs have armor plates, which are “secured” by tiny sculpted straps and buckles. There’s even some sculpted pitting and wear on the armor. Sidon has a shash tied around his waist with a holstered pistol on his left hip. Sadly the gun is not removable. The cape, however, is. All you have to do is pop off his head to take it off. The coloring on the figure is a mix of reds and gray with some nice high gloss paint used for the helmet.


The Crimson Corsair comes with a carbine, which he can hold in either hand. There’s a peg on the side, which I had hoped meant you could attach it to his belt or back, but I think it’s just supposed to be part of the weapon. At least there’s nowhere to peg it into that I can see. Moving on to Quiggold…


First Mate Quiggold is perfectly named. I mean, even if I didn’t know which figure in the package was which, I’d lay my money on this one being named Quiggold. He too has an extensive Wookipedia page, but I’ll just note that he’s a Gabdorin and First Mate of Sidon’s crew.



While Quiggold is the opposite of the dashing Sidon in every way, I still love this figure. He’s a portly pug-faced guy wearing a sloppy tan tunic and hood and he even has a peg leg. The Wookipedia denotes his peg leg as being cybernetic, but I don’t see how a peg leg qualifies as cybernetics. In fact, the same article claims that the appendage is fashioned from an old fuel funnel. It’s just a piece of junk fitted to his stump. Anyway, there isn’t a whole lot of detail in this guy’s outfit, mainly just wrinkles and some light texturing. They did, however, do a great job on his face with his beady eyes and his nose slits up in his forehead. His species reminded me a bit of a Krogan from Mass Effect until I went and refreshed my memory on what they looked like. Nope. Close, but not quite. I’ll note here that both figures feature the standard five points of articulation, which include points on the shoulders and hips. Sidon’s head turns, whereas Quiggold rotates at the waist.


The set also comes with this bitchin’ missile launcher. I’m not usually into these, but this happens to be a really cool looking weapon. And while it’s ridiculously over sized for this scale, I’ll happily hand it off to some of my 6-inch scale figures. Funny enough, it’s almost too big for the Star 6-inch Black figures too!


I don’t think I’ll ever get away from buying 3 3/4-inch Star Wars figures. And while fans may bitch and moan about the 5-POA style, I honestly find these charming and nostalgic. These guys set me back a whopping ten bucks, which is a pretty sweet deal, and nowadays you can find them for even a little less online. To me, this set is what Star Wars figures are all about. A pair of cool alien characters that had barely any screen time. I’m not being sarcastic either. As a kid, some of my favorite vintage Kenner figures were dudes like Weequay or Squid Head, where I had to make up my own stories for them and give them inflated roles to allow them in my playtime. I love having this pair and imagining what kind of crazy adventures a couple of Space Pirates could get into in the Outer Rim. In fact, I wish there were more figures of their never seen on screen crew… and their ship. And with so few characters to choose from, I think it’s a shame that Hasbro didn’t give this pair the 6-inch Black treatment.

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