Mythic Legions: Attlus The Conqueror by The Four Horsemen

If it’s Wednesday then you know I’m pulling out another figure from The Four Horsemen’s Kickstarted line of 6-scale fantasy goodness. It feels like I’m in the home stretch of covering all the initial figures I got as my Kickstarter add ons, which is bumming me out, but at least I know more are on the way. Today I’m having a look at another of the more distinctive characters in the series, Attlus The Conqueror!


Here’s the mandatory packaged shot. It’s serviceable, it’s collector friendly, and you get a little bio blurb for each character on the right panel of the bubble insert. As you may know, I don’t invest a lot of time in the official fiction of Mythic Legions, but every now and then I read something that I really dig. In this case, it turns out that Attlus is the rival and older brother to Attila Leossyr. It seems odd that they call him The Conqueror, since his brother laid claim to his own army and seems to be doing the best out of the two siblings.



If you remember my look at Urkku from a while back, than you’ll see a lot of familiar parts in Attlus. From the waist down he’s a straight repaint. Obviously, the bare legs are repainted from green to a caucasian skin tone. The heavy boots and jagged lower leg armor is cleaner this time around as well as being a bit of a deeper shade of gray. The belt is the exact same sculpt but with a palate change to freshen things up. I commented at how much I love the detail in this belt sculpt the last time and I still do. It’s just gorgeous. The torso is the same as Urkku’s, again, repainted to a caucasian complexion. He features a rather clean and knightly gauntlet on his right hand, taken from any one of the knights, while the left arm is completely armored with the gauntlet borrowed from Urkku and the rest of the arm taken from the knights.



As always, the figure comes with the shoulder armor unattached and while all the figures can be displayed just fine without the shoulders, Attlus looks a little odd this way because the armor appears to disappear into his torso. It actually looks kind of like it’s the medieval version of a mechanical arm, which is a concept I find myself digging quite a bit. Yeah, I think I’m going to go with that. But, if you prefer, pegging in the shoulders will make the arm more convincing as an armored sleeve.



Attlus actually comes with a mismatched set of shoulders. We get a left one that was included with Urkku and the right one taken from some of the Hero Knights. I’m not a big fan of them asymmetrical shoulders, which is fine, because I actually prefer to display Attlus with just the left shoulder paired with the belt as a cross strap, much like the way I display Urkku. Plus, by losing the other shoulder, he can also store his sword on his back.


Attlus is made distinctive by being one of the few human characters in this line to have an un-helmeted head. It’s a decent enough sculpt, but I think I’m at the point in this line where I’m prepared to admit that the human head sculpts is not one of Mythic Legions’ strong suits. The details are a little soft and the paint is rather flat. I do like that Attlus has the one damaged eye with the scar running above and below it. I mean, I think it looks cool, not that I’m glad the poor dude got his eye messed up. The mane of hair and the beard are sculpted fairly well and I like the little blue bands around his beard pigtails. What? What are you supposed to call those things? I do, however, find it odd that his eyebrows don’t match the rest of his hair. Which is his natural color, brown or black? Well, we can all keep wondering. because I ain’t peaking down his loin cloth to solve that mystery.



How about that articulation? Yup, it’s identical to every Mythic Legion figure I’ve looked at. Here’s the rundown… You get rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. There are also ample rockers in the ankles to steady him for those wide stances. He’s loads of fun to play with and these figures are designed to be modular, so you can pull the figures apart at most of the joints and mix and match if you want. I will note that the left wrist on my figure likes to pull out without much effort.



If you’ve been following my Mythic Legions Features from the start, than you’ve already seen all the weapons this line has to offer. Attlus comes with the large two-handed sword and the dagger. There’s a loop on the right side of his belt to store one of the edged weapons, but as I’ve already shown, I like him to wear his sword on his back, so I just tuck the dagger into the belt.



And then there’s the axe that we’ve seen quite a few times. As always, it can be modified to have either one blade or two. Either way, I think the weapon really suits this guy beautifully.





I like this figure a lot, but truth be told, if I had to do it all over I would have probably forfeited him in favor of Malleus the skeleton or perhaps Carpathias. There’s nothing wrong with him at all, but he’s the first figure that made me very much aware of the parts recycling. I know, that probably sounds crazy since almost all of these figures share parts, but in this case there’s not a huge difference in the way their arranged from Attlus to Urkku. The repaint certainly helps, the head sculpt has a lot of personality, and I like the one armored arm, but still… there’s that feeling of been here and seen this. On the other hand, the fact that I’m nitpicking a figure this great looking really shows just how wonderful a line this is!

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