Anime Saturday Shelfies

Sorry, folks. No new Feature today. I’m going to be out of town for part of the weekend and I just didn’t have time to whip anything up. Instead, have some quick-and-dirty Shelfies of my anime stuff. It’s something I usually save for Twitter, but I’ll probably start posting some more here as well…


The Prize Figure shelves are completely out of hand. I didn’t expect to need more than a couple to devote to this madness, but they filled up quick, and that doesn’t even include my Figmas and Figuarts. Right now, I only have room to display a few unboxed and the rest are just boxes in front of boxes and I have a few more in the corner that I haven’t opened yet and have no where to go with.


Lots of Bishoujos from Kotobukiya. I haven’t picked up any new ones in a while, but they seem to be slowing down a bit. I still say this is one of the best value for dollar lines when it comes to scaled figures.


The last two shelves are a mix of Kotobukiya and other odds and ends. When it comes to displaying my collection, I tend to have a rule that action figures can go into bins, but statues need to be displayed. I think that logic comes from the fact that toys can be put away when you’re done playing with them, but statues serve no other purpose than to be looked at and enjoyed. Once I run out of space for statues, I’m going to have a real dilemma on my hands, and it’s getting pretty close to that point now.

And that’s it for today. Anime Saturday will most definitely return next week with what will most likely be a look at another KanColle Prize Figure from Taito. Tomorrow’s my day of rest and then I cruise straight into Marvel Monday!

By figurefanzero

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