Mythic Legions: Jorund Runeshaper by The Four Horsemen

Mythic Legions news dropped late last week from the T4H, announcing that the new Kickstarter for Advent of Decay (previously known as Wave 2.0) would be going live at the end of the month. They also let it be known that the last of the pre-ordered figures, including the Trolls, have arrived at their warehouse and would be shipping out in a couple of weeks. Seems like a good time to look at the last figure I have waiting to be opened. And it seemed appropriate to do one last Mythic Legions Wednesday before I re-work my posting schedule for the year (yet again!), bringing myself to four weekday updates, and taking Wednesdays off.


Jorund Runeshaper is one of the figures I passed on while trying to budget out my initial Kickstarter Add Ons. He was also one of the ones that was hard for me to let go, because I wanted a lot of dwarves. Well, late last year, T4H put up some of their remaining stock up for pre-order, I had a second crack at this guy, and naturally I took it! I’ve got nothing new to say about the packaging, so let’s get him out!


This is my fourth Dwarf, but if this is your first look at one of these, you should know that they share the upper body and arms with the armored humans of the line, and only the legs are shorter and dwarf-specific. Jorund’s bio indicates that he’s a rather atypical Dwarf in that he’s a master of the mystic arts and I’d like to think that’s reflected in his spectacular, and obviously enchanted, armor. Indeed, with the metallic blue, gold, green, and purple deco, this is one of the most visually striking suits of armor in the entire line, and that’s saying a lot! The quality of paint that T4H uses on these figures continue to amaze me as does the precision of application. Every tiny sculpted rivet on this suit is painted and the emerald green and gold look superb against the blue. It’s absolutely gorgeous!



As always, the shoulder pieces are optional, although in this case they’re required if you want him wearing his cloth cape. Personally, I prefer him with the cape and shoulders, but when I get to articulation, I’ll talk about some of the drawbacks of using them. The cape is made of very soft material and I’d stress caution when taking it on and off, because the fabric is thin at the tops of the holes and it looks like it wouldn’t take much to tear it.



I was expecting this portrait to be a straight repaint of Thord Ironjaw, but I was pleasantly surprised. The face looks the same, but the sculpt of the beard and mustache and bushy eyebrows are all new. The head gear is also new, with a smooth, rounded helmet and a crest above his forehead. The wings are repaints of the ones we originally saw worn by Sir Gideon Heavensbrand and they look quite nice here.


And then there’s the neck. Like all the Mythic Legion figures, Jorund’s head is on a ball joint, which is usually fine, but the shoulders and the head sculpt here are all at odds with each other. If you want the shoulders on, you’re going to sacrifice almost all neck articulation. Trying to move the head results in it popping off or the wings popping out. Take the shoulders (and cape) off, and the problem is solved. There’s one other way to solve the problem…



Jorund comes with an alternate helmeted head. This is the same sculpt we’ve seen a few times in the past, now painted to match the armor. It looks great on the figure, but I think it robs him of a lot of his character. Besides, when he puts that helmet on, where the hell does all that beard go? Hey, I love options and I’m always happy to see T4H throwing bonuses like this in the package. I honestly didn’t even expect it to be in there. But I honestly doubt I’ll get much use out of it. I just love the regular portrait on this figure way too much.



In addition to the extra helmet, shoulders, cape, and ubiquitous brown belt, Jorund comes with some weapons that we’ve seen before. First off you get the single handed sword with matching dagger. These feature disc pommels and are among my favorite weapons sculpts in the line. They’re just great, serviceable, no-nonsense weapons, and they each have purple painted grips to match his helmet deco.



You also get the spear we’ve seen many times before, painted all in silver. The spears seem a little much for these little guys, so I think that one is going to go to one of my other figures and I’ll let Jorund get by with his matching blades.





And so we have another amazing figure from Mythic Legions. I can’t put into words how glad I am to have had a second crack at this guy for my collection. He’s a gorgeous figure and that enchanting deco on his armor will serve to brighten up my little band of Dwarves while they’re out adventuring together. And it can’t hurt for them to have someone skilled in the arcane arts along for the ride. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have a some new Mythic Legions figures to check out, including a big ass Troll. You can probably also expect to hear me plugging the T4H’s new Kickstarter quite a bit towards the end of the month.

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  1. Santa looks badass in a suit of armor. In answer to your question, I presume he jams his facial hair into his mouth when donning the helmet.

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