Star Wars Black (Rogue One): AT-ACT Driver and Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader by Hasbro

It’s Sunday. I don’t usually do content on Sunday, but I got a couple of new 6-inch Black Series Rogue One Troopers, I’ve got the Rogue One Blu-Ray playing, and I just got in the mood to do a quick rundown on these figures. And when I say quick, I mean really quick, because while these are some cool figures, we’re basically dealing with some kit-bashing and repainting here.

Here’s the packaged shot for the Squad Leader. The AT-ACT Driver is a Target Exclusive, which I haven’t come across personally, but a buddy of mine was kind enough to send me one, sans packaging. And that’s cool, because I’m not sure as I would have ponied up the twenty bucks for this one. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with him…

I’ve seen this movie enough times (four times in the theater, and now three at home), that I should know with certainty whether or not these guys are actually in it. All I can say is I really don’t recall seeing them. In any event, what we have here is the Hover Tank Pilot’s body with the Scarif Stormtrooper’s head. There are a few changes to the paint, like the gray stripe across his chest and shoulders, or the little red circle on his helmet, similar to what the AT-AT Drivers have on theirs. But as cool as this figure looks, he still feels like something Hasbro threw together for a quick-and-dirty exclusive.

If this design is a Hasbro original, I think they should have just used a straight repaint of the Hover Tank Pilot, because it’s bugging me that one driver has a specialized helmet and the other has the regular Scarif Stormtrooper helmet. I like how the TIE Pilots and AT-AT Drivers had helmets that were somewhat similar to each other and yet different enough from the rank-and-file Stormies. Am I overthinking all this? Probably, but if I wasn’t, I’d be done with the review by now.

The AT-ACT Driver comes with the usual E-11 Blaster and has articulation identical to the Hover Tank Pilot. Moving on to the Scarif Squad Leader…

So, this guy is basically a modified version of the regular Scarif Stormy. Instead of the hip armor with the ammo pouch, he has a kama, which includes a slightly different sculpt to his belt. Otherwise, the armor sculpt is identical to his subordinates. When it comes to deco, he does have a blue stripe across his chest and shoulders, as well as some more splatter painted on his chest and helmet.

The articulation here is identical to the regular Scarif Stormies, but the Squad Leader comes with a new gun sculpt, and it’s a pretty damn cool design.

Both of these are certainly nice figures, but if I had to choose, I’d definitely recommend the Squad Leader over the AT-ACT Driver. It’s probably worth repeating that Hasbro did a weird thing here and made the regular Scarif Stormies TRU Exclusives and the Squad Leader a regular retail release. The AT-ACT Driver, on the other hand, feels like good exclusive figure fodder. I would not have missed him if I didn’t find him, and even if I did, I’m not sure I would have dropped twenty bucks on him. Then again, he does complete my 6-inch Black Series Rogue One troops, so I’m certainly glad to have him in my collection.

By figurefanzero

3 comments on “Star Wars Black (Rogue One): AT-ACT Driver and Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader by Hasbro

    • My friend in Jersey says the AT-ACT Driver all over the place. Haven’t seen any here. I think it’s a solid case, so I guess they’ll be flooding the Target pegs everywhere soon.

  1. Haven’t been able to find either of these guys yet (or the regular Scarif trooper for that matter). Collecting these figures can be really frustrating on occasion. At least I did manage to get a hover tank trooper.

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