Marvel Legends A-Force (SDCC 2017 Exclusive): Lady Sif by Hasbro

What’s this? Marvel content on a DC Friday? I know, blasphemous! But it’s Day Five of my Marvel Legends SDCC Exclusive A-Force reviews, and I can’t stop now. I’ve already checked out Monica Rambeau, She-Hulk, Singularity, and Loki and today I’m turning my attention to one of the fiercest fighters of Asgard and occasional love interest of everyone’s favorite Thunder God. It’s Lady Sif! There are only two figures left in the box, so let’s go…

Yes, with both Sif and Loki included in the A-Force set, the Asgardians are well represented. I’ll confess, Sif’s inclusion in certainly buoyed my determination to pick up this set. To my knowledge, this is her first appearance as a Legends scale figure, although we did get a 3 3/4-inch release of the MCU version from Hasbro a while back. I never picked up any of those figures, so this is the first time she’s gracing my collection of little plastic Marvel peoples. Remember how Agents of SHIELD paraded Sif out when they needed to get a ratings boost? That was adorable. It still didn’t make me want to watch it.

But forget about the MCU for now, because this figure is ripped straight from the comic panels, and I love it! She sports her crimson and white battle gear, which consists of a surprising amount of sculpting. It actually took me a bit to recognize that those segmented armor thigh-high boots are borrowed from Angela. It’s pretty obvious when the two figures are together, but the red and white deco really makes them look distinctive on this figure. The segmented armor on the fore arms are also borrowed from Angela, this time painted white, and they include wrist and elbow pieces to add a little bit more individuality to Sif’s outfit, and make them look like full fledged gauntlets.

The belt and “skirt” are brand new and hang on the figure’s hips, much like Lady Loki’s. Sif’s belt features a loop so she can wear her sword on her hip. The torso features more of that lovely crimson plastic with some razor sharp white patterns running across her abs and chest. For a figure that borrows so heavily from another, I think Hasbro did an amazing job making Sif feel unique and the colors just look fantastic. But wait, Sif isn’t done raiding other figures’ wardrobes yet…

What’s this? Using the same cape on two different figures in the same boxed set? Yup, it’s a repaint of Lady Loki’s cape! Hasbro, you cheeky bastards! But I’m going to let it slide, because it happens to look great on both ladies. I think it fits Sif a little better, but I’m going to chalk that up to the styling of Loki’s hair. The cape and hair combined, made her look a little hunched, and I’m only really seeing that when I have these two side by side. Of course, the cape is also easily removable, for when Sif needs to be unencumbered for swordplay. Speaking of which, her articulation is right no par with Loki’s, including the always welcome thigh and bicep swivels.

Most of the head sculpts in this box have been great, and Lady Sif does nothing to buck that trend. The paint on the eyebrows and lips is sharp, and while the eyes aren’t quite perfect, they’re still pretty damn good. Her long hair has more of a windblown look to it than Loki’s, which gives her a little more range of motion in her neck articulation. Lastly, her head piece is sculpted independently of her face, which certainly makes it look better than if the whole head were one piece. Yeah, there is a little bit of mold flashing along her jawline, but I can always clean that up.

Up until now, there haven’t really been any accessories accompanying the ladies in this set, but Lady Sif would be naked without her trusty sword. It’s a very simple and utilitarian design with a straight crossguard and round pommel. The blade and hilt are painted silver and the grip is painted red. I actually expected this piece to be a repaint of Valkyrie’s sword, but it’s a totally different sculpt. Sif’s grips are designed so that she can wield it in her left or right hands, and if you try hard enough, she can even wield it dual handed.

By the Gods, I love this figure. Sure, she uses a fair bit of recycled parts, but its sensibly done and the red and white coloring makes her pop on the shelf, even among the throngs of costumed heroes. What’s more, with a sword in her hand, she’s incredibly fun to play with and she looks great battling it out with Thor by her side, or in the company of her fellow femme fatales, Valkyrie and Angela. It’s nice to see my Asgardian ranks growing, even before the Ragnarok figures start to hit. The only thing here to make me sad is that I’m now down to my very last A-Force figure, and so tomorrow I’ll be wrapping things up with a look at Elsa Bloodstone!

4 comments on “Marvel Legends A-Force (SDCC 2017 Exclusive): Lady Sif by Hasbro

  1. I have never been big on Thor’s support cast, so knowing Sif is in this set didn’t interest me. But WOW, she looks great in your shots! I especially like how her facial portrait is done differently than the typical Marvel Legends female face.

    Now I want Sif, dammit!

  2. Disney paid off reviewers to give DC movies bad reviews and now they have splurged the big bucks to take over DC Friday. For shame!

    You shouldn’t be so hard on Hasbro. It’s not their fault that Asgard only has one cape shop.

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