DC Multiverse (Ares Wave): Queen Hippolyta by Mattel

As promised, I’m back to dish out an extra helping of content on this beautiful Post-Thanksgiving, DC Friday evening. It’ll help make up for taking yesterday off, and also start to balance the scales against all those damn Marvel Monday Double Features. I so desperately want to give DC Comics action figures some love, they just have to give me something to work with. So… continuing on through the DC Multiverse Ares Wave, let’s check out The Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta!

This is one of those figures that I may not have bothered with if I weren’t hunting all the C&C parts in the wave. Shhh… don’t tell Hasbro and Mattel, but this strategy to get me to buy an entire wave usually works. The package is identical to what we saw earlier today, only with photos of Hippolyta on the front and side panel. It’s also branded for the Wonder Woman film at the top J-hook flap. Everything is collector friendly, and these look pretty good lined up on the shelf with the character photos showing.

But forget about pretty good, because this figure turned out surprisingly great. I mean, just look at this lady! For a figure of a relatively minor character, Mattel invested a crazy amount of work into this one. And nowhere is that more evident than in her beautiful armor. The sculpted layers, the tiny etchings, the eagle motif on her chest, I’m quite beside myself. This is so far removed from what I’m used to seeing in the Multiverse line. Even the skirt has a lovely snakeskin like texturing to it. The gold and copper deco looks luxurious and the whole ensemble gives off this wonderful Art Deco vibe.

Hippolyta also sports sculpted armor pieces up near her shoulders, and bracers with sculpted straps. Over her armor, she dons a sleeveless cloak on  with a sculpted fur lined collar. It looks great, but it’s also easy to take off if you want to give her a little more range of motion.

The facial features on the head sculpt are a bit soft, but certainly not bad. At the right angle I can see a little resemblance to the actress in there, but not a whole lot. The sculpting on display in the crown, however, is superb, as is the detail in her hair.

Hippolyta’s articulation is identical to the Diana figure I looked at this morning, so I’ll just refer you back to that review. The cloak obviously inhibits things a bit, particularly with the legs, but if you take it off, it frees her up a lot, thanks to some strategic slits in the skirt.

Queen Hippolyta comes with two weapons: A spear and a sword. The spear is measures a bit longer than the figure itself and features a smooth brown shaft and some nice sculpted detail on the golden tip. She can hold it in one or both hands.

The sword features a rather ornate gold hilt with swirling patterns making up the guard. The stout blade is painted silver and has two fullers running down the center. The grip is extended, so she can wield it in one or both hands, and her articulation allows either option.

Hippolyta was certainly a pleasant surprise. Diana was a solid figure, but I think this one raises the bar quite a bit. I don’t know if it’s because they’re DCEU based figures or if Mattel has been upping their game with this line in general, but I’m happy to have picked up this figure, not to mention finally dug it out and opened it.  Next Friday, I’ll open up Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor and maybe just throw together the Ares Collect & Connect figure too!

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