FigureFan’s Favorites and Disappointments: 2017 Edition!!

Happy New Year!!! And what better way to start 2018 then by taking a week off and uploading some lists!

Last year, I pussied out on doing my traditional lists of Favorites & Disappointments in favor of a more generic rambling collection of thoughts on the year. I think I was just burnt out on the whole End of Year lists thing, and also burnt out from work in general. But this year I thought I’d return to tradition, because APPARENTLY EVERYBODY LOVES THESE GODDAMN, INSUFFERABLE END OF YEAR LISTS!!! Seriously, the Internet is fueled by them, and who am I to go against the grain? Also, because this year work was pretty good and I didn’t feel nearly as stressed out. Of course my ulterior motive is that by prepping this the weekend before, I can take a whole week off from bloggery, or at least spend that time getting ahead on some content.

So, if you’re new to this whole thang, here’s the deal. Tomorrow and Wednesday, I’ll do my Ten Favorites in two parts, and Thursday and Friday I’ll do my Ten Disappointments. Then I will fall into the Jameson-fueled Odinsleep for the weekend and be back to start a whole new year. If you grew up in the 80’s, you may remember those clips shows that sitcoms used to do when they ran out of budget. Well this is the same thing retooled for Internet Toy Bloggery.

You want rules? Well, I have a few loose guidelines to help streamline this process. I try to keep each toy line confined to one slot on each list. This prevents the higher price point stuff sweeping all my Favorites, or some piece of shit line from monopolizing the Disappointments. And yes, note this is my Favorites & Disappointments and not Best & Worst. The distinction is that I can only include what I purchased and reviewed this year, and I’m generally not going to buy something that I think is going to be bad. As a result, not all of my Disappointments are going to be truly terrible, just things that didn’t live up to my expectations when I made the purchase. Also, if there was something really great or really horrible released last year and I didn’t buy it or review it, it’s not going to be found here.

So come on back tomorrow and we’ll get cracking with my FigureFan’s First Five Favorites!

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