Just Dropping In…

There is nothing I wanted more than to drop in today with a Marvel Monday review, but life keeps getting in the way and there was simply no time this past week for me to prepare any content. It sucks, especially since this is my best source of therapy and I’m really missing it. It doesn’t help that my backlog of Marvel Legends is going from out of hand to just plain ridiculous.

And it’s not just Marvel Legends. I have NECA figures, Transformers, Hasbro’s new Overwatch Ultimates, Prize Figures and some Sixth Scale stuff all piling up just waiting to be opened and explored. My Toy Closet is back to the point where I can’t even walk into it anymore. And my den is surrounded by stacks of comics waiting to be matriculated into long boxes. I’d say it’s been all work and no play, but I did manage to eek out the time to see Avengers: Endgame, which was like a tiny miracle in itself. And I say that not just because the movie was great, but because I actually found the means and occasion to see it.

Anywho, my goal is to try to get a couple of reviews up this week, one of which will be the Marvel Legends review that would have gone up today if I had had the time to finish it. And by finish it, I mean actually open a figure, write the review, photograph it, do the editing and post it. I’ll try to get one up on Wednesday and another on Friday, but with my life the way it is, I can’t make any promises.

6 comments on “Just Dropping In…

  1. Echoing earlier comments… love to see your posts, and even just that photo of the boxed figures (speaking for myself) is rather cool!

    I say, post as you have stuff…and no worries about schedules unless a post happens to hit one. Enjoy yourself and the blogging.

    Again speaking for myself–it’s a treat to read stuff when you post, see the awesomeness of whatever figures and such a given post is about…whatever day it is and regardless of the immediately-previous post or whatever might be upcoming.

    As much as is possible given it all…I do hope things are well with you, and certainly wishing you the best with it all!

    On any specificity…all in due time, of course–I’d be interested in your thoughts on the new Power Rangers Lightning Series. I bit, and got White Ranger and Lord Zedd. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, man. You are a great friend.

      I’ve looked at those Power Rangers the last few times I was down the toy aisle and they look really good. MMPR was kind of after my time, but I still may grab some when I get caught up with Hasbro’s Overwatch stuff.

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