Almost there…

With about a month and a half since my last review, this has been the longest hiatus that this stupid toy blog has seen in all it’s 8+ years. And believe me, my absence has not been fueled by any lack of interest or failings of motivation. Writing about toys has always been therapeutic for me. It’s gotten me through some bad times, but this year has been the darkest time in my life and while fiddling with this blog would have helped, the fact is I literally have not been home long enough in the past couple months to churn anything out of any meaning or quality.

I am still down from my father passing away in April. My mother’s mental condition has gone off the cliff to the point where she cannot be left alone for more than an hour or so. My cat and best friend of 11 years passed away earlier this month, and I don’t have a lot keeping me going. If you follow me on Twitter, this is old news, but I thought I’d throw it out here for those that don’t. Nearly all my waking hours have been spent either at work or at my Mom’s house, watching over her, playing my Nintendo Switch, and engaging in some crazy retail therapy of the comic book variety. I’ve sworn off buying any new toys until I start going through the massive pile in my closet.

So when is that all going to happen? Well, I honestly had hoped that I would have been back in action by today, which is the whole reason I’m stopping by. I’m not there yet, but I feel as if I’m almost there. I’m making a commitment to myself to have a Marvel Monday up for next week, and then I’ll see where I go from here. If you’ve been checking back, I’m grateful for your patience, and hope maybe you’ve found some entertainment in the archives. If you’ve wandered off, I hope you’ll one day come back. And for all of you who sent out sympathies and words of encouragement, be it through emails here or DMs on Twitter, I can’t tell you how much it has all meant to me.

Hope to see you next Monday.

It’s only now some four weeks later that I can even bear to go through my pictures and post one of you in memory and tribute, and still even now I find myself tearing up. Baron, I have missed you every day since your passing and I feel as if I always will. You and I fell in together strictly by chance and while it’s true I saved your life by adopting you, you saved mine many times since, when your companionship was the only thing that kept me going. And while I will be looking to adopt another cat in the near future, it’s only to fill the hole left in my heart. Rest easy, knowing that yours was a friendship I could never, nor would ever seek, to replace. Rest in Peace, my friend.  

13 comments on “Almost there…

  1. Oh, man – when I opened my work email and saw that FFZ had a post, I was so pumped!
    8 years, huh? I think I’ve been reading this blog basically the whole time, then! That’s awesome.
    I honestly thought that maybe you wouldn’t be back – and that would’ve been cool if that’s how you wanted it. But I am very glad that you will be up & running at some point once again.
    Sorry about you mom. I can’t imagine that stress and heartache in the midst of an already-chaotic life. I hope things get better, sir – and I know they will. Life has a way of working out.
    And I am sorry to hear about your cat. I love my tempermental fur-ball more than I like my dog!
    Looking forward to the next post! God bless.

  2. I’ve been an avid reader of this blog for quite a while now but this is my first time to comment. I just wanted to say stay strong, you’ll get through this. And I’m looking forward to more Marvel Mondays.

  3. Good to hear that you’ll be back soon. Sorry to hear of your losses. The pain will be easier to bear with time and pointless hobbies like action figures help. So speaks a man with boxes of them!

  4. Look after yourself and thanks for such a great toy blog. Only found it a few months back so have plenty or read and get into. Cats make wonderful friends, our cat Pedro sleeps on the bed with me in the mornings and seems to think he owns the place and we are just his guests!

  5. Sorry to hear about the rough patch. Life can be an unforgiving mistress… and a real bitch. It sounds like you need to seriously think about getting your mom some sort of full-time care; if it’s something like dementia one caretaker can’t handle it alone long-term.

    I’m just as sad to hear about losing your cat and friend. I lost my cat many years ago and it devastated me so much I couldn’t get another pet since. But be glad with the knowledge that you gave him a loving home and he lived a long, happy life.

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