Mythic Legions (Arethyr): Belphegorr by The Four Horsemen

Well, folks, November is off to a rough start, with only one new review last week. Then again, November tends to be my most challenging month when it comes to balancing my work and devoting time to this blog. But, I’m pressing on and we’ll see how things go. It’s the first Mythoss Monday, and for those of you missing the Marvel content, I’ll still have some this week, I promise!

Mythoss Mondays will, of course, be devoted to getting me caught up on reviewing all the Mythic Legions figures I have piled up around here. I’m not going in any specific order, but the one I grabbed today happens to be Belphegorr from the sorta recently shipped Arethyr Wave. He’s also the third Demon from the line that I’m checking out, with the first two being Xarria from Advent of Decay and Malephar from Arethyr. According to his bio, Belphegorr’s claim to fame is being rather adept at tearing portals in the fabric of reality to facilitate travel from one dimension to another… Like some kind of Etherial Uber Driver!

And Oh, boy do I love this guy! Belphegorr looks like he’d be right at home hurling fireballs at The DoomSlayer! This red-skinned slab of demon flesh goes around topless, just because he can. Not gonna lie, if I sported that kind of physique, I would too. He does, however have a pair of jagged Orc-style armored shoulders, which mesh perfectly with his collar to look like they are all one piece. This is the first time I’m seeing the collar, and it’s perfect for a Demon Lord. As always, I love the dark and weathered finish on the armor, which is accentuated by the pitting and nicks in the sculpt. He’s also got the traditional Orc armored belt and segmented thigh guards, bracers, as well as their knee and lower leg armor, which terminates in his powerful demonic hooves. The ensemble is finished off with a furry loin cloth to hide his undoubtedly massive demon junk. His exposed skin is a deep crimson with a bit of shading to bring out his muscles, and the paintwork on his hooves is absolutely fantastic!

By now The Four Horsemen are masters at sculpting portraits of the dark denizens of the deep, and Belphegorr here is a prime example of that fact! This beastie has all the trimmings of an iconic demon mug from the bottom of his dual pointed chin to the tips of his curling ribbed horns. His face evokes all the characteristics of a partially exposed skull with a full set of teeth, the human-like qualities of which make him all the more unsettling. The deep set eyes are little pools of yellow to pierce through the darkness, and his bulbous forehead is spiderwebbed with purple vein-like crevices. And wow, those glossy black horns look ominous as all hell!

Belphegorr isn’t terribly heavy on the accessories, but what he does have is pretty good. First, you get an extra set of hands to help him hold his weapons… and then you get the weapons! In this case, he wields a the twin Elf Swords that we have seen here before. My initial reaction was to think it a strange pairing, but I actually think they suit him surprisingly well. He also includes the standard issue sword belt with a loop that can secure both swords to his hip at once. Or, it can also serve as a shoulder strap so he can wear the weapons on his back, so long as you don’t mind giving up one of his shoulder armor pieces.

The twin blades have extra long braided grips for single or double-handed use. Hell, if there’s a demon down there with three hands, he could use them all on these babies! Plenty of room! The long hilts are countered with sweepingly curved blades, which are almost sickle-like in their design. And there are no cross-guards because cross-guards are for pussy Demons like Zaleos. Seriously, what’s up with that guy? I still would have liked to get a beefier weapon with Belphegorr, not only because I think he should have one, but because his arsenal feels a little lacking without it. But it’s not like I don’t have a bajillion big hammers or spears from other figures.

And as we’ve seen before, these swords can be joined together to form a single double-bladed pole-arm kinda thing, which is cool as hell and a great little bonus.

For a while, it seemed like the Demons were getting buried by all the Knights, Vampyres, Orcs, Elves, and Goblins. It’s nice to see them come to the forefront with this Arethyr Wave. There’s so much potential for creativity here and The Four Horsemen have demonstrated that with Belphegorr. It’s a testament to this design that it can feel both fresh and iconic at the same time. A lot of this figure is sold by the portrait, since the rest is basically a red-skinned Orc with hooves, but that’s the mixing and matching genius that is Mythic Legions. Plus, this is likely one of the first figures I’ll pull out when it comes time to check out some of the wings that T4H sold as extra accessories!

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