Mythic Legions: Zazhar by The Four Horsemen

It’s another Mythoss Monday, and this time I’m going all the way back to that original Kickstarter! Well, sort of. Zazhar and Azhar were Demon brothers, which released as part of the initial Kickstarter, but neither made my original cut when I was tallying up the crazy amount of money I was spending on my Add-Ons. Seriously, it was a long night with a long list, and some very difficult choices… and I still wound up going over budget! Anyway… Zazhar eventually got a re-release in the third All-Stars Wave, so I grabbed him up and now we’re going to have a look!

Now, I say brothers, but in reality the two existed in The Netherrealm as the Demon King Azahzzar. But when he was summoned to Mythoss by the Poxxus (who we’re finally getting a figure of in the next wave!) the Demon King was split into two, with both Demons now serving The Circle of Poxxus!

From the neck down, Zazhar is almost a straight repaint of Belphegorr, the last Demon I looked at from this line. He’s got the same gauntlets and leg armor, the same belt and hip armor, and the same hooves. The only difference is TFH swapped out the furry-style loin cloth for this orange sash, which makes for a cleaner, simpler look. The armor pieces are all painted with a gorgeous metallic purple finish, which makes that pitted and nicked armor look a lot snappier. It also makes them look like they may be enchanted! Zazhar’s vibrant blue skin is beautifully painted, with some nice variations in tone and shading. I find this a lot more appealing than the yellow they used for his brother. You also get a slew of tattoo tendrils on his shoulders and snaking their way down his chest, along with some dots on his abs and arms. It makes for a tribal look that gives his demon bod lots of personality.

The figure comes with the same shoulders as we got with Belphegorr, again painted in that metallic purple finish. I’m a little torn on whether I’m going to display him with these or not. They look great, and make him more intimidating, but I also dig the bare shoulder look, as it shows off those tatts more.

The head sculpt here is phenomenal! I just love TFH’s unique take on their Demons, and this was the one that started it all. He sports a rather grim and determined expression, as opposed to the snarling evil cliche you might expect. I particularly dig how the horns are shaded the same color as his skin and look like just an extension of his skull. You get some really cool crevices running up his forehead and his two beady red eyes are framed by prominent sockets. And check out them ears!

Zazhar’s selection of weaponry is pretty standard stuff, making it rather obvious that he hails from the original Kickstarter. You get the usual brown belt, a cruciform sword with a gold hilt and silver blade, and a matching dagger. As usual, there’s only one loop on the belt, so you can use it for the sword or the dagger, but not really both.

I absolutely love this set of weapons, and I’m always happy to get more. These blades look great and still seem fairly utilitarian at the same time. But these knightly weapons really don’t feel like they belong with a Demon. Then again, this guy is supposed to be able to kill with a mere touch, so I’m not sure why he needs them at all. Maybe just for sport? I’d be tempted to give the sword and dagger to Cassia, and give her sabre to Zazhar, but mixing up weapons on these figures drives my OCD crazy!

And finally, Zazhar comes with the spear that every other figure got in that initial Kickstarter. It’s painted to match the sword and dagger, with a gold shaft and a silver blade. I think the spear suits him a bit better, but I would have preferred some more sinister colors.

Boy was I happy to see Zazhar make it into one of the All-Stars wave and allow me to have another crack at him without paying the insane prices these figures go for on Ebay. When I was placing my initial order, I was all about the Knights, Orcs, and Skeletons, and everyone else had to take a back seat. Now he’s in the collection, and the timing couldn’t be better, as Arethyr gave us a bunch of Demons, and Proxxus is up for pre-order in the next wave!

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