Moving #1

Sorry, folks, but no Review for today. I got home from work yesterday and decided to haul another load of stuff over to the new place and do some unpacking. The moving operation will be ongoing for the next month or so, and there will be more days like this, but I’m doing my best to keep the content flowing as frequently as possible.

It can be a harrowing process for a collector to move a collection, which is why I’m doing a lot of it by myself little by little. I started setting up my office in the new place, putting some stuff here and there, so that I can reuse the boxes for future trips. A lot of this stuff will probably be re-arranged as I get time to set up a proper Collection Room, but for now, it’s nice to have some stuff on display and something of a beachhead at the new place.

This is the first time the poor Legacy Collection Falcon has been able to rest on its own landing gear, as most of its life has been spent leaning up against the wall on the top shelf of my closet. The Imperial Shuttle actually has some space to spread its wings too! Ultimately, this side desk will most likely get used for Premium Format statues, as I’m going for a comic book theme in here, which is why I hung my signed Jamie Tyndall prints above it. But eventually I’ll find these ships the display space they deserve in another room.

And I had to throw in some Star Trek love, while I was at it. The Enterprise-D may actually wind up saying there!

And I actually got to assemble all my Hasbro helmets for the first time in one display area, which I’m rather happy about! I do plan on being back for Mythoss Monday, and hopefully I’ll get the back to the usual Wednesday/Friday content after that.

By figurefanzero

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