Mythic Legions: Shadow Equaddron by The Four Horsemen

It’s another Mythoss Monday and today I’m checking out a Mythic Legions figure that just sort of appeared out of nowhere and went up for sale. I don’t remember Shadow Equaddron attached to any specific Wave or Assortment, and I don’t even remember him actually going up for pre-order with The Four Horsemen, but rather I found him on another retailers site and grabbed him up!

Equaddron resides among The Ogre Class figures, making him a good bit bigger than the regular Legions, but not as large as those bruisers, The Trolls. As such, he comes in a tall window box, with the usual colorful artwork on the back and side panels. There’s no bio on the package, but TFH do have one on their site. It’s rather mysterious, as he isn’t given a faction or any personal information about where he fits in the Realm of Mythoss, so bring your imagination! And a bag of oats, because I’m guessing he likes oats. Probably SHADOW OATS!

And, oh boy! Am I in love with this fella! Sporting the Ogre body and a decaying horse head, Shadow Equaddron is certainly an imposing and distinctive looking brute. His body and armor are both lifted directly from Kkurzog, with the exception of the feet, which have been appropriately swapped out for hooves. There’s also an armor extension around his neck to help the figure transition from man body into the horse head. The body is painted brown with some black spotting and markings that does indeed look like horse flesh, and he even sports a horse tail jutting out from under his butt armor.

Meanwhile, Kkurzog’s armor has a snappy new coat of paint and the colors here really sing! You get some sumptuous silver on the arm and leg armor, as well as the shoulder straps and neck armor, cut with some black for the sculpted leather bits, and some copper for the medallions and rivets. And I’ll say it again, I really dig the sinister belt buckle sculpt! This ensemble is wrapped up with a black furry diaper and a couple of bones hanging down from his belt. I have to admit, despite the armor being a complete repaint, the new colors really set it apart from the previous figure, making this my favorite appearance of it yet.

And this head! I gotta be honest, I have no idea what’s going on here, but I love it! Shadow’s head is part horsemeat and part bone, with a pretty sharp departure between the two. His flesh just stops, leaving the grim, bone snout exposed. He’s also got what looks like bone plates bolted to the sides of his head, and a beautiful golden armor mask. The neck piece has a sculpted hammer finish to it, with plenty of pyramid-like studs. The skeletal aspects combined with the dead, black horse eyes makes this thing absolutely terrifying!

Shadow Eqquadron comess with two short ebony maces, which are damn cool weapons. They have a black glossy finish with some blue stones set in the head. Unfortunately, I cannot get his right hand to hold one. There’s no give in the fingers to pull them open enough to slip the handle inside the grip. At least the left hand works fine. That means someone else is going to inherit one of these maces.

This figure is simply amazing and I’m sure glad I didn’t miss him! When the horses were introduced, I was straightaway convinced that we’d get at least one centaur, but I hadn’t really considered them doing the reverse. It makes me hope that one day we might get a minotaur using the Ogre body, because the ones we got on the regular size figures now look puny in comparison! The proportions of the horse head works great on the Ogre body, and this twisted version of it really makes for a stand out figure!

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